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You Must have 10K Minimum Viewers to Display Ads in YouTube Channel

YouTube Blocks Ads From Channels

YouTube to Block Ads From Channels

Google has decided to block its ads on YouTube channels which have less than 10K viewers in total to make several angry top US brands happy.

Google is continuously implementing radical policies to ensure ads not to be displayed alongside questionable YouTube videos. As recently, many of the top US brands including Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Walmart etc. have pulled their advertisement from YouTube reasoning that ads are displayed outside of the road.

This is the reason, Google is looking at their ads policies quite seriously. However, it is not this event that made Google strict its ads policy, but according to what Google has recently told the Wall Street Journal, it has been working on putting this measure in place since November, and it “is designed to punish rule breakers.

Prior to these instant changes in Google ads policy, Google had allowed Live Streaming for Channels with only 1,000 Subscribers, and it was really easy to get approved to display ads on a YouTube channel with no matter what was the reputation of the channel, or how many views its videos had. And people were earning from YouTube videos even with controversial or low rated videos.

Nevertheless, with the new 10,000 view threshold limit, Google not only deems to satisfy remaining advertising brands, making happy the angry companies, but also ensuring that questionable and controversial videos must not find wide audience.

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