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Go Live on YouTube with just 1,000 Subscribers


Now Stream with 1,000 Subscribers

YouTube has allowed its channels with 1,000 or more subscribers to start live Streaming.

It is a good news for those who are still angry with new Google Ads policy for YouTube Channels. Now, if you’ve a YouTube channel with minimum 1,000 subscriber, you can run live streaming and earn from Google Ads.

Prior to this recent change, back in February, Google had set up 10,000 subscribers for any YouTube channel in order to initiate a live stream. However, now Google has that reduced that threshold to 1,000 subscribers, according to what has been updated on YouTube Help Page.

So, the verified YouTube channels with minimum 1,000 subscribers can go on live with their mobile devices as well like using the Android, iPhone, Windows, or iPad app. However, remember that your channel must not have had any live stream restrictions in the past 90 days, due to violation of YouTube’s terms of service.

How to Start YouTube Live Streaming on Mobile App?

Starting live stream on YouTube with your Smartphone or iPhone is extremely simple and quick. Just follow the following simple steps with your mobile app.

  1. Hold your mobile phone
  2. Select Camera button
  3. Take permissions for the YouTube App to access the Camera, Mic, and Storage
  4. Verify your YouTube Channel
  5. Finally, select “Go Live” option for online streaming


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