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Windows 10 Using too Much of RAM – Memory Management [Guide]

Memory Management in Windows 10: Today I’ll tell you about solving the issue of excessive RAM usage by Windows 10 and a simple fix. In order to have a better understand of the issue, let me first explain what RAM actually is. Random Access Memory (RAM) is kind of a memory in computer in which our operating system (windows, linux, unix etc) and other currently being used programs are kept in order to access them instantly. RAM space differs from device to device. Anyways, let’s come to the point of discussion.

windows 10 memory management

Memory Management in Windows 10

You might have noticed a bit strange behavior of windows 10 when you first time updated to Windows 10. System processes in windows 10 sometimes consume a lot of RAM space. Even more than 1024 MBs. Many people noticed this strange behavior and thought it’s due to some kind of malware program or bug. No, actually it’s due to advanced features of windows 10. All what you need a proper Memory Management.

memory management windows 10

High CPU/RAM//Memory Usage due to Malware

Note: The system performance can also be affected with malware and other virus programs. These malwares sometimes automatically get installed when we some tacky web browser. That’s why I recommend you to use most secure Web browser for Windows. If you have good antivirus programs and system security is not a problem for you then you should always use best browser for Windows . It suits best to windows OS in order to maintain an efficient system performance.

Malware in Windows 10

This is not a big issue for devices having a handsome RAM memory, but for the devices having RAM memory like 2GB, 3GB etc. this is serious problem no doubt. Before going straight to the solution, you may want to know why this problem occur.

Why this happen only with Windows 10?

So, as the previous version of windows like Windows 7, 8, 8.1 etc. none of them any issues regarding excessive RAM consumption. This is because in previous versions, windows offload the least used contents to the Pagefile which resides in hard drive of your system. It saves RAM from storing least used contents. It means when Windows needs to access something from Pagefile again, it has to load it from hard drive. Loading contents from hard drive is a time taking process no doubt, but still it’s better than putting load on RAM.

In windows 10, Microsoft preferred speed over RAM memory. Pagefile contents are simply compressed in order to save RAM memory, instead of moving them to hard drive. But still, how compressing contents is not that helpful. So as a result, RAM start filling up with extra and least used contents. This thing puts an extra burden on RAM. When windows decompress these contents, it also puts load on CPU.

Task Manager

Interesting thing is, their purpose was to save time that is consumed while loading contents from hard drive. But their strategy to tackle this causing even more system deficiency, due to extra burden on RAM and compression/decompression cycle. So this is the basic reason behind issue. But don’t worry, it was supposed to happen so it happened. The good news is we have solution to tackle it.

Top 6 Ways to Solve Windows 10 RAM Usage Issue

So here comes the actually reason why you are reading this article. The SOLUTION! I tried to look all of the applicable issues to solve this Windows 10 RAM usage issue but I came to know that many of them are not that efficient. Only a few really works. So, I just try to keep my solution list short yet full of efficient solutions.

1) Fix your drivers

There may be a bundle of drivers installed in your system. It really hard to investigate and fix them manually. You may try fixing driver issues if you’ve free weekend. Alternatively, there is an application with name Driver Talent which helps in searching out drivers’ problems and then fix them automatically. Such tools are really helpful in solving the problems related to the corrupted and damaged drivers. This “Driver Talent” tool is just an example. If you know some other program like this which you prefer, then you should try that.

2) System Adjustment

Right click on “My computer” icon and click/tap Properties option. Then select Advanced system Settings > System Properties window. Then select Settings and then Adjust for best performance. Apply changes you made. Now click/tap OK button and wait for system restarting. Now your system has set to the best performance and it will give its full potential. This tip is very useful some systems.

System Adjustment

3) Try Registry hack

RAM storage issue is not bounded to windows 10 always. In many devices, it can also be a problem in other versions of windows such as 7, 8, 8.1 etc. Registry hack is the solution in these cases. Procedure is so simple. First of all press windows key and type R in regedit, hit Enter button. Now go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\ Memory Management in the editor. Now look for ClearPageFileAtShutDown and simply change its value to 1. Now restart your system and observe if you still face RAM issue?

4) Checkout Task Manager

Open your Task Manager and see if any of your app using more memory than it should? And also see how many useless apps are putting extra burden over your system memory. Uninstall all of the useless apps and software and restart your computer. Also disable extra programs which are sunning at startup by default. If will minimize the system startup time.

5) Hard Drive Defragmentation

Defragmenting hard drive also improve system’s performance to some extent. The procedure of defragmentation is press windows button and R keys at once. Now type dfrgui in run window and hit enter button. Now click on hard drives that you want to defragment and click/tap Optimize for to see what you can do and finish the process. After that, restart your computer.

6) Add more RAM

If none of above tips working for you then the final solution is adding more RAM space. Upgrading RAM will solve of the issue related with the shortage of RAM space. There are multiple ways to increase RAM memory. One of them i assigning some of your hard drive space to RAM storage. However, you can also take help from some expert regarding up-gradation of your device’s RAM. It’s solely up to you!

I hope you’ll get your problem solved. Please do reply me your feedback in the following comment box!

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