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How do I Stop Windows 10 Desktop Icons Keep Moving Automatically

You would have noticed that whenever you save your some files on desktop or create new one, these files moved to some other location (still on desktop) by default upon shutdown or by refresh. This is very annoying when you have your desktop full with different icons and files and required file or icon get hide somewhere inside these existing items.

Fix Desktop Icom Windows 10

You try searching via typing 1st name of file etc. but sometime you even forget the name of your file. I personally fount it pretty annoying when I had to look through all of the desktop item and locate required file or icon. I was searching how to solve this issue and I came through some really nice tips which are really good to stop this icon scrambling issue. Let’s see what you can do!

3 Ways to Stop Desktop Icons Rearranging in Windows 1o

Solution 1: Delete Icon Cache

Simultaneously press windows key + R to open Run dialogue box. Then type %userprofile% and hit enter or press OK button.


It’ll open user profile data. Click on View button and make sure show hidden items box is checked. Now go to AppData folder and open it. There will be a file with name IconCache, as shown in pic below. Just delete it!


This Run dialogue window method also have solution of another big problem of windows 10. If you want to know How to move files from C drive to D drive [Hyper link] using Run dialogue window.

Solution 2: Install “IconRestorer

IconRestorer is basically a small application that take snapshot of your desktop items and save it in record. If anything is moved to any other place on desktop then it rearrange it back to the original position by just one command. It is also a good solution if you don’t want to go through a series of commands in solution 1 method.

Solution 3: Use VMware

This method is quite similar to the IconRestorer method with the difference that you don’t actually need to install some external app or software. All you need to do is just take a snapshot via VMware and shutdown your pc. Whenever you comeback, just go to the menu bar under Virtual Machine and use Revert to Snapshot command. It will restore your previous icon pattern.

Though I’ve not used this method but it sounds pretty simple. Just try it!


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