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5 Ways to Use WhatsApp for Business Promotion – Bulk Tools

WhatsApp for Business: WhatsApp, is the fastest growing communication app that can be used to promote your business. Tools are being use to bulk your business messages as promotional strategies with many other marketing campaign options as well.

Use WhatsApp for Business

I know it’s kind of hard to believe but yes, you can do many things on this platform to use it as a business tool. It was acquired by Facebook in $19 billion in 2014, and there is continuous growth in its active users since that time.

You can imagine its popularity if you come to know that there are 100 million videos and 700 million images which are shared on WhatsApp in 24 hours. A platform having such popular public interest can make can be very beneficial if you know how to make proper use of it.

5 Marketing Strategies to Utilize WhatsApp for Your Business

This guide is specifically for small business owners which can use WhatsApp for their business and earn money. Let’s see how!

1) WhatsApp for Business Marketing and Promotion

Making introductory Images, texts and videos of products and services you’re offering and spreading them over WhatsApp can make your business to reach Mass in no time. All you need to do is to make interesting stuff. Study revealed that a sound percentage of social apps users only use them for entertainment. People love to watch and share interesting stuff.

Now, after the WhatsApp allowed to promote your groups by inviting people to join via Invite Links. You can simply create a group and invite people to join from other social apps. After adding a people, you can start posting stuff about your business and can convince them to be your customer.

2) Customer Support via WhatsApp

Most of the businesses offer customer support services via phone call on their toll free number. But, as we all know, calling is not an appealing way for the customers to contact the product owners.

Offering a customer support service on WhatsApp can be an efficient way to attract your customers. Especially for the businesses which offers some kind of service or home delivery of product, they can make the use of WhatsApp in most efficient manner.

3) Booking Platform

The business which involve home delivery of products can use WhatsApp as a booking platform. Your customers will feel easy to place an order by sending a message on your WhatsApp number instead of calling. That’s an indirect approach to promote your business and a direct way to gain customers’ trust.

4) Medical Consultation

If you’re a doctor and running a private clinic then this is for you. You can offer WhatsApp based consultation to your patients. It will definitely as no one want to travel a visit a doctor’s clinic located in other side of town. They will prefer just to communicate a doc via WhatsApp, tell him the problem and get a prescription. Video call feature of WhatsApp made this idea even more efficient. Now you can even examine you patient as they are sitting next to you (excepting a physical touch, obviously).

v) Courier Services

Another use of this most used communication app is to offer other services such as courier delivering, cake/flower delivering etc. to your loved ones. You can initiate a service like the customer will make an order to you of sending a cake to a destination address. And your agent will get the cake from bakery and deliver it to the destination address.

See how efficient it is, your customer just need to send an order message to you and delivery will be made within minutes. You can also use some other business idea of such sort in which you use WhatsApp as a mean to get orders from customers.


These were some ways to make you get some know how about the potential of WhatsApp for small business. These were just a few ideas, infect there are many more things that you can do by linking WhatsApp to your business. Just take an initiative step and make a best use of WhatsApp.

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