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How to Transfer data from iPhone to Android | Simple Switch

Transferring huge amount of data from iPhone to Android phone is not easy, this is the thing we hate most iPhone. Sometimes when data is in small amount we just prefer to use email or some other online method for data transmission from iPhone to Android. However, I would recommend you to always use Best Browser for your Android.

Transfer data from iPhone to Android

But these methods are no longer useful when data is in multiple GBs. Taking this problem into account, I decided to search about some most useful and easy ways that we can use to transfer your contacts, photos, audios, videos and other files from iPhone (also see my latest tutorial on how you can fix missing APN settings after an iOS update) to Android phone. Hope you’ll find it useful.

Type of Data Transferring from iPhone to Android

Before going to other transferring methods, let me tell you the easiest way to transfer the most important thing, i.e. phone contacts.

  • i) How to Move Phone Contacts?

You may know that your phone contacts are saved in Gmail account if you’ve signed into your Gmail account on iPhone. Otherwise these are saved in iCloud as backup.

Go to Settings > Calendar > Default Account. See if your default account is Gmail then all you need is just to sign in into Gmail account from Android Smartphone phone. If you don’t have Gmail account in iPhone then don’t worry. You still can share your contacts via Vcard. If you just want to share some specific contact then go to each contact, you can see option to share contact as Vcard. Vcard is a shareable contact file format.

OK, if you need to move all a bundle of contacts in one short then open iCloud.com via your Mac and download all of your contacts. Then mail this file to your email and download it form Android phone. Just a matter of seconds if you’ve a high-speed internet.

  • Open com from Mac web browser
  • Open address book
  • Tap the gear option and select all
  • Select all
  • Tap gear option and select export Vcards
  • A file will be downloaded to your mac device in vcf format
  • Direct transfer this file to Android of send via Email.


  • ii) How to transfer messages and Emails

So now your 2nd priority comes, your messages and email. Well, transferring email is so easy. Just sign in to your email account from Android phone. But transferring message and texts is a bit more difficult. You need to download AnyTrans  in order to transfer messages.

  • iii) How to transfer photos and Music

Transferring images and music is also very simple. Just download Google Photos iOS app.

  • Download Google Photos app
  • Open Google Photos and sign in to your Google account
  • Choose Backup and Sync. And Tap continue.

Same procedure for transferring music files with Google Music app. Repeat the process and get a backup of your music files on Google account.

  • iv) How to transfer Documents from iPhone to Android phone

If you have some documents in your iPhone you can get them from signing into iCloud.com and transfer them to your computer or Android device. However, you must be aware that there are some documents that can’t be viewed in non-Apple devices. So, the easy way to tackle this is to first convert these files into Microsoft word of PDF format.

transfer Documents from iPhone to Smartphone phone

  • v) How to transfer Bookmarks from iPhone to Android phone

Bookmarks actually are the web addresses that you’ve saved to access them lately. These represents your taste, choice and favorite items on web. Many times, while surfing online you often come to something that you want to access later. Changing your device, you’ll lose these items and addresses. Well you don’t need to worry about it anymore. Because you still can access your saved bookmarks even if you change device.

Use same procedure as for documents for getting your saved bookmarks in Android phone from iPhone. Use iCloud.com from your pc and download bookmark file and then transfer it to Android phone using a USB cable.

transfer Bookmarks from iPhone to Android

  • vi) How to transfer any sort of file from iPhone to Android

Well, now I’ll discuss how to transfer any type of file from iPhone to Android phone. Because apart images, music and text files etc. there could be many more types of file present in your iPhone storage that you want to transfer to other device. So there must be a general solution for all. Here is that general solution. You just need to install Mobile Trans app on your computer.

How to Transfer data from iPhone to Android – 3 Steps

Step 1: Open Mobile Trans app

Open this app and select “Mobile to Mobile transfer” on its window and click start, on a pop up window that will appear once you open app. You must have installed iTunes in your computer because Mobile Trans use iTunes for transferring data from iPhone to Android phone.

Open Mobile Trans app

Step 2: Connect mobile devices to Computer

You need to get two USB cables and connect both, your iPhone and Android phone to the computer. On successful connection it shows both mobiles as Source and Destination. There is a Flip option that can be used to flip source and destination.

Connect mobile devices to Computer

Step 3: Transfer data from iPhone to Android phone

Now you’ll be shown with data such as Images, audios, videos and text messages that you can transfer from iPhone to the Android Phone. Click/tap Start Copy to begin the transfer of this data. Don’t ever disconnect any of the phone until it finish copying process.

Start Copy to begin the transfer the data

You can use the same method to transfer any data form Android phone to the iPhone.


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