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Best Methods and Tips for Mac Cleanup

Proper maintenance of your computer and smartphone is very essential. Here i’ll discuss some useful methods and tips for mac cleanup. There are actually a lot of methods and ways to keep your mac clean. Follow these following instructions to keep your mac device organized, fresh and make it run smoothly!

tips for mac cleanup

i) Storage Optimization

It’s highly advised to free your disk space from useless files and folders. Make it your habit to remove extra stuff to trash, so that it won’t cause a burden on your system. I recommend mac OS Sierra for this purpose. Always move watched videos of iTunes to trash to empty your cloud space. You can even re download these videos if you need them some other time.

ii) Free your desktop

Light Pillar’s app is tremendously good and one of the highly recommended tips for mac cleanup, to keep your desktop free of clutter. Don’t worry it does not delete your desktop files. It just move them to a hidden desktop and you can access your desktop things from this hidden desktop in no time.

iv) Clear You Cache

You must often hear about clearing cache files of your internet browser. Let me tell how cache stock can affect your mac performance. When you have a lot of files stored in cache of your browser then it requires more processing. It put significant burden on CPU. That’s why one of best tips for mac cleanup is to keep your browser’s cache empty. Click Here and learn how clear cache on different browsers including chrome and safari.

v) Remove unwanted Apps

When we try to remove an unwanted app from our device we just drag it to uninstall and that’s all. But that’s not actually enough. When you install an application it automatically creates a folder (or folders) in many locations of primary storage. Removing unwanted apps also considered as one of the best tips for mac cleanup. Uninstalling app typically does not delete such primary storage folders of that application. So you have to delete these folders anyway. Going to primary storage then searching for required folders and deleting them manually is pretty annoying. Here i’ve a solution for this problem. AppTrap is a free utility that will do this job for you. Try it!

vi) Space carrying mail downloads

Next of the major tips for mac cleanup is deleting useless mail attachments. You often get a lot of mail attachments from your friends colleagues and fellow about a lot of things. Usually these files are saved in your download destination folder. When you open an attachment, it saves itself in email downloads folder.  This folder is usually hidden, but it can’t hide if you exactly follow this path

/Library/Containers/com.apple.mail/Data/Library/Mail Downloads

Now select all unwanted files and send them to trash. You’re good to go!

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