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Most Suitable Web Browser for eBay – And Solution of “browser incompatibility issues”


People face many issues regarding compatibility of web browsers for eBay. They don’t know which one is most suitable browser to use in eBay. If we just talk about compatibility, we all know that eBay recommend us Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

Though all of these can be used in eBay but still there are certain issues with each of them. Commonly observed that if we are facing an issue while using let’s say chrome, we won’t face the same issue in another browser. And vice versa.

If a browser is not showing products in a way it should, then at the same time another browser really showing these products in a best way. And there are chances that another browser is not even bothering to show these products at all. Each browser has different story. So, the question is which browser perform really well in eBay? Here I’ll discuss about the most common issues along with recommendations to solve them.

  • i) Extra Plugins and Extensions

The most common and general cause that is observed in all browser is the conflict of security settings of your browser with eBay page-operations. Your browser plugins and security services usually are extra sensitive towards unfamiliar page operation. Though you can avoid these issues by trouble shooting, but still it’s not a permanent solution. These extra plugins and extension can also cause different web errors. So let me quote my first recommendation, which is:

  • Uninstall extra extensions and plugins that you’ve installed for the sake of privacy, security and anonymity!

Let me make one thing clear about internet explorer. I hope most of aren’t using internet explorer as you preferable web browser. But those who do, they might have felt its bad behavior for eBay. The reason is it takes a bit longer in shifting from quirks mode to standards mode. So if you’re using internet explorer then my first suggestion is to shift to some other browser. Especially when you need to browse eBay.

  • ii) RAM issue

All web browsers have huge RAM enthusiasm. If you’re having similar issues as in eBay in other websites also, then its RAM problem (Not sure but strong chances). Upgrading RAM may counter many of these issues. This suggestion is not specifically for eBay but a general tip that may solve many of your web problems.

  • Upgrade your RAM (Also keep your browser updated to the latest available version)

  • iii) Same eBay listing in different web browsers

According to the thinking of a common web user, if one thing is working nicely in one browser then it should work in the same way in all other browsers. Generally this is not that wrong point of view but there are some cases in which it is not true. eBay is one of them!

Issue with some features of eBay is if one thing is highlighted in let’s say Firefox browser, you may observe the same thing in a bit different appearance in other browsers. So a firefox user, while browsing in eBay, have saved a unique appearance of eBay site’s contents. When he use another browser it show a bit different appearance. So it causes a bit confusion for user to find his required content on eBay site. Though that’s not a big issue, it’s just a matter of different appearance for different browsers. But still….. its an issue. The suggestion is.

  • If you’re not that experienced then don’t keep trying different browsers on eBay. Select one, set it to default and get familiar to eBay using this.

Of course your device and media platforms are also responsible for many problem. As an eBay store designer said:

“Just like any website, it’s important to ensure that your eBay listing is supported across media platforms, such as the iPad, iPhone and the five main web browsers.

A level of markup standardization and compatibility checking should be demanded by any web designer, and ensuring that you aim to use no CSS hacks for your layouts.

You’ve got to keep checking your web presence, as browsers are updated frequently. In summary HTML and CSS compatibility checking ensure the future stability of your eBay listing templates.

Work with your web designer to understand the standardization and to ensure all cross compatibility checking is carried out before you list on eBay”.

So what is the most suitable browser for eBay?

I know most of us don’t have time to spot the exact cause of eBay problem in our browser and solve it by searching solution in Google or whatever. If I was the one having problem I wouldn’t go looking for causes of these issues in my browser. The best answer for me would be the name of a browser which claims to work best for eBay. So that I could just install it make a try. Instead of spending hours in looking for causes of these issues in my favorite browser and solving them. And I know you want the same. That’s why I searched for the browser which generally perform best for eBay type things.

By observing usage statistics and OS platform statistics I came to know that Google Chrome is the one that (generally) performs well. If you’re facing some specific issue with chrome then you may pay a try to spot the cause of problem and solve it.

But Generally, Chrome is an eBay king. It supports a nice appearance of eBay site along with an acceptable site loading time. If you’re using some other browser which is your personally favorite then I respect your choice. You may keep using it. Above section where is discussed some basic issues with eBay may help you to solve your problem.

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