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Explore How to Start Fail Safe Graphics Session with Browser | Ubuntu

Starting a Fail Safe graphic session with your web browser is extremely easy. Nothing hard, all you need to follow this guide. Here, learn how to start Failsaif graphic session with easy to understand steps. Simply Press “ESC” button on PC, open GNU GRUB menu, access Recovery Mode, and find Fail safe graphics drivers.


Steps on How to Start Fail Safe Graphics Session on Browser

Step 1: Power ON your PC

Power on your computer and let the BIOS load. It’s just the matter of few seconds. You’ll be seeing the logo of your computer manufacturer in the meantime.

Step 2: Press “esc” button

Quickly press “esc” (escape) button before it load operating system (OS) from C drive. It often happen that we don’t know exactly when we need to press escape button. Sometimes it is already too late to press. If you’re seeing OS’s logo then it mean you already have missed your chance to press escape at correct time. Pressing escape button will be of no use if OS has already started loading.

So, to tackle this, I recommend to keep pressing escape button while your computer is still loading BIOS settings. Pressing escape won’t cause any disturbance in loading BIOS, so don’t you worry and just keep pressing.

Step 3: GNU GRUB menu

Pressing escape won’t let your system to load OS and will open the GNU GRUB menu. You’ll see something like this.


 Step 4: Entering in Recovery Mode

See above figure. 2nd option (recovery mode) is your destination. Use top/bottom/left/right arrow keys to move to other options appearing on screen. Appearance of these may differs in different versions. In some version you may saw this option as “Advanced settings mode” or just “Advanced settings”. But whatever, this what you need to press/tap on.

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Step 5: Fail safe graphics drivers

After clicking/tapping on recovery mode, you’ll see something like this.

Fail Safe Graphic Driver

Now select “Resume normal boot” (1st option here) and hit “enter” key twice. Yes TWICE. So finally you’re here where you meant to be. Now you’re using fail safe graphics drivers in Recovery mode.

Step 6: Open Web browser

Now open your web browser. Browse to askubuntu.com and get helps from them to fix drivers and solve other issues. This is how you can start a Fail Safe graphic session with your web browser

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