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How to Stop the Shockwave Flash Plugin Chrome Crash | Simple Solution

Sometimes while surfing we often experience a sudden shutdown or crash of chrome browser. This is actually caused a shock-wave flash, a bug in adobe flash. According to Adobe flash they’ve already fixed this bug and there is no such issue in latest update of chrome browser. As many of us still using older versions of chrome browser so there must be some way to tackle this issue. Obviously my first advice is to update you chrome browser asap. Because apart from this shockwave flash issue there are many other things that require your chrome to be updated.

Shockwave Flash Plugin Chrome Crash

Go to Help and about in Menu of you chrome browser and see if you’re using latest version. If there is an update available then you must install it. Once it will finish downloading and installing, just restart your chrome browser and that’s all. You won’t have shockwave flash issue in future.


If still this problem persists then “out of date drivers” can be most likely reason. Well there is nothing you can do hear. It’s up to content provider. Usually adobe refers to this problem as “in sufficient content”. But the good thing this issue is not very common, in fact it’s very rare issue. SO I’m sure most of you are not among those who face this type of issues

IMPORTANT: you must be aware that google is ending its support for flash due many severe issues, such as its vulnerability to security threats. This may be interesting for you to know that iOS has never supported any flash contents. And android also has finished its relations with flash years ago. Chrome 53 was the last update in which chrome allows flash to run. Now its chrome 56 in which flash is disabled by default. And you’ve to go settings of chrome to manually enable flash player to function in this browser. Google is preferring HTML5 over flash. Because of its much better functionality. Google says:

“HTML5 is much lighter and faster, and publishers are switching over to speed up page loading and save you more battery life. You’ll see an improvement in responsiveness and efficiency for many sites.”

However, in this article I will try to guide you with some beneficial tips that you can use to avoid that shockwave and secure your data on browser.

How to Stop Shockwave Flash Crashing in Chrome?

Interesting thing about Chrome is it has some build in versions of Flash player with automatically update itself whenever you update your chrome browser. People who have been using chrome browser since long, they usually get used to this shockwave problem. Whenever it happens they just restart browser and resume their work because chrome also offers “Restore Pages” options. So they never even try to have a look into google search about fixing this issue. Anyways, its still an annoying problem and we should know how to avoid it. Let’s get to know some most solutions of flash shockwave problem. Here will discuss what we can do to tackle shockwave flash problem in older versions of chrome.

  • I) Remove Extra Flash Plugins and extensions

Sometimes there are more than one flash plugins (or some other extensions of different types) get installed in chrome browser. In such cases the flash shockwave problem occurs significantly. So advice is to go to your chrome’s MENU>SETTINGS>EXTENSIONS. Now see how many unnecessary extension you’ve installed knowingly or unknowingly. Remove all those who are no longer useful to you and restart chrome browser. If you see you have more than one plugins with the name of “flash”, you’re about to fix your problem by just removing extra plugins. Because most common and foremost cause of this problem is extra plugins.

  • II) Check Google Chrome’s configuration and remove extra plugins

For configuration checking, type about:plugins in address bar and hit enter button. Now you’re seeing a page showing all of the plugins currently configured in your chrome browser. Now look into these entries and lists. If you see Adobe Flash player or Shockwave Flash more than one, then obviously you’ve installed some extra extensions that you don’t actually need.

There is a “Details” button at the top right of the plugins page. Click/tap it. It will open details of these plugins.  File name and its location is given for all plugins. Have a look at these names and point out the one you think unnecessary. And simply disable it. If you often experience this shockwave flash problem then there will be many extra plugins that you should disable.

If these all flash plugins are out dated then its better to disable all of them. Because Out dated flash plugin is also a reasonable cause of Shockwave problem. Disable outdated flash plugins and go to Adobe’s official site and install latest version of Adobe Flash. I hope you won’t get shockwave flash issue from now on.

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