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A New and Secure Web Browser for Android – Privacy Seekers Must Try It

Privacy is one of the basic needs for anyone who have online presence. Here i’ll discuss about a secure web browser for android devices. Web browsers like chrome, opera, firefox etc. have a so called “incognito window” which is nothing but a self satisfaction of being secured. It just don’t save your browsing history otherwise it has nothing to do with securing your web connection. Securing your web connection actually need something that is built solely for this purpose. Just like Tenta Browser. This is the same Android browser we are talking about.

secure web browser for android

Tenta Browser for Your Android

Tenta browser is most private and secure web browser for android. The very basic purpose of it’s development is to provide a secure and private internet connection to Android users. Tenta’s officials said:

The basic idea behind Tenta was to make your android work better for you in terms of protecting your privacy. Most of the private browsers focus too much on privacy and not enough on convenience. That’s not the case with Tenta. it’s all-in on privacy…

Full fledge protection against all kinds of web based surveillances highlights the are main reasons that make Tenta a secure web browser for android. You browsing privacy will be compromise when you use shopping mall’s free wifi, public wifi, your favorite coffee shop’s internet, hotel, airport, etc. These are the locations and situations when you need a secure web connection to ensure your privacy. Tenta is the only best options you have when privacy is first priority. That’s why it’s most secure web browser for android.

How Tenta Browser Works?

When it comes to working we find a lot of uniqueness in Tenta browser. An efficient and real VPN connection is provided to user without any manual setting. This vpn is not like other VPNs which utilize SSL. Tenta browser actually create an openVPN connection for every user on installation. Tenta will automatically connect to this VPN server before you open a webpage. No manual setting requirement is also a reason why Tenta is most useful and secure web browser for android.

Even having a lot of differences from chrome and firefox, browsing with Tenta doesn’t really look different than with chrome etc. It still have (roughly) same speed. So don’t you worry about speed. Having same browsing speed as chrome with high level of privacy makes Tenta a fast and secure web browser for android. Try Tenta browser on your Android and Enjoy fast and secure surfing!

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