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Tips to Secure Mac from Viruses, Malwares and Trojans

Virus Protection for Mac: At times, Apple devices also come under attack by serious viruses, malwares and Trojans.  As some time ago the Flashback Trojan appeared as serious threat for Mac. Though it was successfully fixed by apple right after sometime of its outbreak. These kind of malwares are really a serious threat especially for your confidential data and bank login information.

Secure Mac from Viruses

7 Tips to Make Secure Mac from Viruses

It is recommended to always use best Mac clean up tips to keep your mac invulnerable to these viruses, malwares and Trojan. This guide is especially for those who use to have confidential data and account login information for bank account, credit card and others in their Mac. These tips will help you to secure your Mac from any harmful software that can breach your Mac’s security system.

Tip 1: Disable JavaScript

Many types of viruses, malwares and Trojans (including that famous Flashback Trajan) are get installed via the security breaches in Java. Though, due to this vulnerability of JavaScript, apple has already done a lot of homework to block viruses and malwares from taking advantage. But in my opinion you should permanently close this backdoor by disabling JavaScript.

Don’t worry, disabling JavaScript won’t put any negative effect of the performance of your Mac. You Mac device will remain in full functioning condition in a much secure environment. See the following figure to have an idea about how to disable and enable java.

Otherwise, for a better and step by step methods you can visit Disable JavaScript on your Mac for better understanding about the issue. Unchecking the boxes encircled in red means you’re going to disable Java in your Mac.

Disable JavaScript

Tip 2: Update your Mac OS Regularly

Well, this is the most common advice that you often listen. You may raise a question, “why I need to update my OS regularly?” It’s is because whenever a security breach occurs (not only in Mac OS but for all. e.g. Windows, Linux etc.) the solution of this breach is always given in the next update of OS.

So regularly updating your Mac OS means your Mac device will remain safe and secure because it is regularly being equipped with latest tools and technologies via updates. This is the reason why every Apple and Microsoft keep asking their users to regularly update to the latest available version of their OS.

Tip 3: Update the Software you’ve Installed

This may be a strange thing for you to know that the outdated versions of software (especially the web browsers and antivirus programs) can be vulnerable to different kinds of viruses, malwares and Trojans.

Why you should update your web browser is because the web browsers are the primary targets of such bad programs to get into your system. Web browsers are instantly updated to a modern version equipped with new tools whenever a bug or any kind of possible breach is found. So if you keep using older versions of software then it means you’re inviting viruses, malwares and Trojans to you Mac.

Tip 4: Install a Good Antivirus Pprogram

A good antivirus program is the security guard of your Mac. There are many antivirus programs that are available for Mac. “A good antivirus” means the one that does its job well and keep your system safe and secure from all kinds of threats.

Though a free antivirus software is perfectly OK, but if you’ve enough budget then it is in your high favor to buy a paid version of an antivirus program. Usually the paid versions are equipped better tools in order to protect its buyers. As they say “it’s always better to be safe than sorry”.

Tip 5: Stay Away from Adobe Reader

If you’re a student or someone who love to read e-books then you must be using Adobe Acrobat reader. Well, it’s recommended to end up your relations with Adobe acrobat reader. According to some latest analyses and research the adobe acrobat reader is highly vulnerable to many of the virus programs.

If you can’t uninstall it because you don’t have a better replacement then at least disable it. You can enable it when you’ve to use it, otherwise let it be disabled. Locate the file [/Library/Internet Plug-ins/AdobePDFViewer.plugin] in order to uninstall Adobe Acrobat reader.

Tip 6: Stay Away from “Suggested Software”

Sometimes while browsing, you often experience some software suggestions on random sites. Well, it’s highly recommended to stay away from this fishy software because most of them are nothing but random virus programs.

Installing them by yourself means you’ve allowed your system to be a colony of viruses, malwares and Trojans. If you accidently have installed any such suspicious software then uninstall is ASAP and perform a full system scan after uninstalling it.

Tip 7: Always Update and “Enable” Anti-malware Definitions

Though the Mac OS regularly and automatically update spyware and malware definitions to the latest available version, but still it’s advised to have a regular look at settings of your anti malware. Also make sure it’s “enabled” and performing its functions normally.

Why you need to have a regular look because sometimes severe kind of viruses disable system’s anti malware program in order to take over your system. If anti malware program is functioning normally then it means your system is safe and secure.

So, these were some handy tips to keep you Mac secure from viruses, malwares and Trojan. Especially the most common and useful tips are compiled in this guide in order to assists a normal Mac user. I hope you learned something.


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