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How to Restore Disabled Apple Devices Using 3uTools | JailBreak Tutorial

In this article. I will guide you how you can restore a disabled Apple device including iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac. You’ll learn to use 3uTool – An all-in-one Tool for iOS Devices which can manage files, download apps/wallpapers/ringtones, flash, jailbreak – to unlock an Apple device.

You can also download & use u3Tools to Jailbreak your iPhone in 4 steps. Thanks to 3u.com to make this thing easier ever!

Why My Apple Device get Disabled?

If we put wrong passcode for multiple times, then Apple devices get locked and an error message start appearing that the device is disabled. There is no way to import data files from disabled Apple device such as iPhone, iPod, iPad or Mac unless you already have saved a backup. The only way is to unlock Apple device.

Use 3uTools to Restore a Disable Apple Device – Step by Step

Using 3uTool to JailBreak your locked Apple device is simplest way to get rid of this situation. In only three steps you can restore your disable Apple device without loosing your data. So let’s get start.

Step 1: Install 3uTools

First of all tap 3u Tools v2.09 and install its setup. Then connect your iPhone to your PC via a USB cable.

Install 3u Tools

Now press on Flash & JB > Easy Flash section and check for available iOS firmware version.

press on Flash

Step 2: Wait for the Download Completes

Once you select an iOS firmware version, it will start downloading. Just wait and let it finish the process. Until the following appear.

Wait for the Download Completes

Now go to the Pro Flash region, as highlighted in above image. Click on the Activate button after going to the Pro Flash region. Let is finish activation process then.

Step 3: Finish Manual Settings of your iPhone and Enjoy

After activation, just manually set the region, time and other settings of your phone and enjoy. You’re good to go with your iPhone.

So this is how you can resolve the issue of disabled apple devices using 3u tools. I hope this guide was helpful to solve your problems regarding jailbreaking an iPhone and unblocking a disabled Apple device.

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