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Learn How to Repair your MacBook Using Simple Tools – Fix My Mac

Repair your Mac Guide: Sometimes you need to repair your MacBook by yourself due to any hardware issue i.e. you may have dropped it on floor or any other hardware problem. Usually these hardware issue are revolved around shuddering of hard disk, RAM issues, no display over LCD, some issue in logic board functioning etc. Well, the good news for you is you can fix most of these issues which commonly encountered due to minor hardware problems in MacBook.

Repair your MacBook

There are a lot of stuff about software based solutions for MacBook such as Protecting Mac from Viruses or Best Methods and Tips for Mac Cleanup etc. But what if you encounter a physical or hardware based issue in your mac? Considering the importance of this issue, I decided to make a brief guide about fixation and repairing of MacBook due to such hardware issues.

Repairing MacBook

Before going to the solution of how to repair MacBook, I would strongly recommend to use Tips to Fix your Mac that Refuses to Turn On. It your problem still persists then you’re welcome to carry one reading this guide. Following is the list of most common hardware issues in MacBook that require to be fixed.

  • Battery is dead, need to change it or what?
  • Hard drive is shuttered, what to do?
  • RAM issues, how to replace it?

These are the issues I’m going to discuss about. I’m sure you won’t need to visit your nearest apple store if you properly get what I’m going to deliver. Look at the following image to have an idea where the major hardware components are located inside your MacBook.

Repairing MacBook

Unscrewing: Opening the Gate

Usually it seems so scary and we don’t actually get enough courage to convince ourselves to open the screws of our MacBook and see what’s inside. But, what if I tell you it’s perfectly safe to do so? All you need to do is to be careful. Be careful about what you’re doing and take extra care about the screws. I’m sure you don’t want to lose them but these tiny piece of metal are more than eager to get lost in the fur of your carpet. Have a look at your target below.

Opening the Gate

This is the bottom part of you MacBook. White encircled points indicate the location of screws. These are total 10 screws, 7 of them are 3mm long and the rest of 3 are almost 13mm long. Pick up respective screw driver and smoothly get them out of your MacBook and don’t forget to put them on a safer place.

Replacing Hard Drive of MacBook

Now, as you’re in, you are seeing something like 1st image. If you’re planning to remove your hard drive and put a new one, then you should’ve already bought a new one before removing the old one. So now as you’re ready to pull it out. Follow the following procedure.

  • You would be seeing two screws between hard drive and the so called optical drive. Unscrew them smoothly. (Be extra careful here and in next steps). ‘
  • Hard drive is usually connected to the computer via a ribbon like thing having plugs on both ends. Take a peaceful breath and pull it out. Now you can see 4 new Torx screws on all sides of the drive. Remove these screws, put them somewhere safer and then gently pull up the hard drive.
  • Now place the new hard drive with the same care on exact place. Pick up those 4 Torx screws and tight them. Then plugin that ribbon like thing above the new drive and just tight up everything else. You’ve successfully replaced the hard drive of your MacBook.

Replacing Hard Drive of MacBook

If the issue was only about hard drive then tight up the screws of your MacBook and reboot it. If your battery is also acting like a bad guy and need a repair then read the following.

Replacing Battery of MacBook

The power source of MacBook decreases its performance as it gets older. Sometimes (though it’s very unlikely) the battery of MacBook suddenly stops functioning at all. In that case, you can only use your MacBook like a desktop i.e. continuously plugging in on charge. Battery is something that is very unlikely to be repairable. In most cases, you have to replace it. Buy a new one and follow this procedure.

  • To remove the existing battery from your MacBook, you need a special Tri-wing screwdriver. Get that from somewhere are remove the screws which are holding your battery.
  • Now, without disturbing anything else, pull up the battery with care. Plug in the new one and tight the screws with same process. You’re done!

If your get some issue with RAM and need to change it then following is for you.

Replacing RAM of MacBook

If you encountered some issues like slow processing and running of your MacBook even after trying the tips to Speed up Mac Running Slow, then you might need to change your RAM. Removing older RAM and inserting new one is not as tough as it seems apparently. In fact, it does not even require any tools to do so. Following are the steps to remove existing RAM from your MacBook and put a new one.

  • RAM is located near or above the battery. MacBook usually has two slots for RAM, if both ate occupied then you need to replace one of them. Carefully remove it by pulling RAM stick.
  • Pick up your new RAM and insert it form where you pull the older one a while ago. You’re all done. Just reboot your MacBook and enjoy!


This article was about to guide you how to repair your MacBook and solve some hardware issues like, replacing Hard disk, battery, RAM etc. My focus was to make you believe that you can actually play with your MacBook dot such simple issue and you don’t need to visit an Apple store for that. I hope you learned it well without any confusion. If you any issue or you didn’t get any point then drop a comment please!

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