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How To Remove YouTube Annoying Next Video “End Cards”

You must probably annoyed of overlay video ads display just before the end of YouTube video you’re watching! This is YouTube new “End Cards” feature. It is extremely annoying that you can’t even hide or remove it.

Though it is very beneficial for YouTube account holders to use end screens to encourage their viewers to take an action. But most of time its irritating and annoying as one can’t find way to hide or remove them like one can easily turn off ads on YouTube. You can’t even turn it off by annotation.


However, there is a good news for you. After a great struggle, I’ve finally manage to find the solution on how to remove this super annoying “next video” overlay at end of a YouTube video. Just follow the following simple steps to get your work done.

Remove YouTube “Next Video” End Cards – Steps

I’m gonna be simply teaching you how’d you remove end cards of YouTube videos. And if you don’t know what an end card is i’ll show you right now at the following image. So let’s get start.

  • Step 1: Install the “Tempermonkey” extension in your Google Chrome


  • Step 2: Add that Extension to your Chrome


  • Step 3: At the top right corner of Chrome locate the little icon appear


  • Step 4: Click that ‘Icon” to turn the extension activate


  • Step 5: Click or tap on the “Install Script

Install Script

  • Step 6: Go back to YouTube video and “Refresh” it to let the script work


  • Step 7: Now just click or tap on the “Cards” to remove them. That’s it!


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