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Top 10 Free & Easiest Ways to Promote an iOS App | Expert Opinion

What if I tell you there are hundreds of people who promoted their iOS without spending even a single dolor and have earned millions of $ form it. They are certain ways you can use to promote your app with or without money. If you’ve developed a good iOS application then why shouldn’t you try some free methods to get people familiarized with it? Though, there is a huge number of methods that can be used to promote an iOS app. But, which one should we try and which one we shouldn’t, is really a big question.


An efficient, positive and fast promotion of an iOS app requires you pay some attention and get some know knowledge about these promotion methods. So, considering this need, I decided to compile a list of the some useful iOS app promotion methods. So that you don’t have to spend your time in searching about efficient app promotion methods.

This may be a wonderful news for you that the both app stores, Google Play and iOS have a collection of more than 2 million of apps. This toll is continuously growing no doubt. So even if you’ve a nice app, you still need to promote it and pay some attention of App Store Optimization. Before there was no such need because of the less number of apps per niche. But now there is!

Anyway, let’s discuss iOS app promotion methods, without wasting your time.

iOS App Promotion Methods

This is a general list in which I tried to cover all of most useful methods to promote iOS app. You can choose some or all of them which suit you best regarding your app’s niche.

1) Sharing on Social media sites

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram etc. have become a most efficient and fast way to promote anything. No matter if you’ve a blog, or you are offering a service, product etc. You can make people familiar with it in no time. If you truly know how to use social sites according to business man’s point of view. It’s advised to make FB page and twitter account about your application and post interesting updates about your app. Now FB is offering page promotion in very cheap rates. You can promote you page then use this page to promote you iOS app.

2) Start a Blog

If you’re good in writing interesting content, you can perform much better. Just start a blog which reflects you iOS app and write interesting contents about your app, which will draw people’s attention towards your app. On page SEO of your contents can help you blog appear in Google search. As a result, you going to get more traffic. Then it will be entirely up to you how you divert a sound percentage of this traffic to your iOS app.

3)  App reviewing websites

There are some sites which publish reviews about different sites. Such as 148appsAppStoreApps, AppAdvice etc. You can interact with these and make them agree to publish a good review about your app. This will put a positive impact of your app on a vast amount of traffic. Avail it!

4) Contact famous Bloggers

If you access to some of them well known bloggers who use to write about the same niche, then you can contact them to mention you iOS app. This can create a lot of buzz for your app if done is smart way.

5) Introductory Video

This one is very unique and most important way to promote your iOS app. Make an interesting introductory video about your app which should cover all of the features of your app. Then publish it over FB page, YouTube, google+ etc. If you make an interesting video, you surely going to get traffic to your app from multiple sources.

6) Apply for iOS app awards

This is something which depends on the quality and uniqueness of your iOS app. If you think you’ve developed an interesting iOS app, then you should apply for app awards, such as: Kiip Build Fund, The Mobileys etc. If you win, you will get a cash reward along with press coverage. This fame will take your iOS app to the sky!

7)  Running Contest

While searching about iOS app promotion tools, I came around a really nice idea. Why don’t you make an announcement on social media and your blog with something like:

“A special opportunity to get a free download link to “this iOS app”. All you need to do is to share this post on your timeline. 1 lucky winner per week will get free download access!”

You can contact to the admins of FB pages and groups to post a positive review about your app. In return you can simply give them free access to your app. This is something which will efficiently promote your iOS app within no time. Do something like that!

8) Resolving –ve reviews

Always be ready to satisfy your customers by resolving issues with your app. If you can satisfy your customers you will be long term winner.

9) Integrate Social sites in your app

Let’s say you’ve developed a gaming app. What if your app offer its user to post on FB whenever you finish a level? Such kind of features directly hit the psyche of user and he feel proud to post such statuses to impress his friends. People see it and love to have a try. If you do so, soon you’ll observe a gradual increase in number of installations of your app.

10) Use you email as a tool to promote app

There are multiple things that you can do with your email to promote your iOS app. First is to send catchy intro of your app along with download link to your email contacts. Next is, just simply add the download link and some catchy words as a signature to your emails. Everyone who will receive an email from you will get that.

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