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Common Problems Installing Windows 10 – A Simple Fix

Windows 10 Install Problems: It’s been a long time when windows 10 was made available for windows users, by allowing them to upgrade their OS to windows 10. From the very first release, there has been some issues with this which prevent smooth installation. Many people complained about it – Microsoft claimed to resolve all the issues in next update, but still some issues persist, and so on.

windows 10 install problems

Issues during Windows 10 Installation | Any Fix for This?

Till now, some issues persist which prevent smooth installation or upgradation from existing windows version. Well, there are certain alternative to bypass these issues, as every problem has solution. Some issues even persist after installation, like RAM issue. You may also want to learn how to solve windows 10 excessive RAM usage issue.

The purpose of this guide is to help a common Windows users with offering a set of solutions of common installation time errors. Keeping these installation time issues in mind, I tried to compile a list of most common errors and issues along with respective solutions. This list contains those errors and issues which people often face while installing or upgrading windows 10.

Things to do Before You start Installing Windows 10

These are a few instructions that you should take into account before starting the installation or upgradation of windows 10.

  • The very first thing you should do is scan your computer with good antivirus program. If you’re using windows 8 or 8.1 then scanning windows defender is also good option. Perform a full system scan instead of quick one. The basic reason of malware and virus program that got installed in your system is the use of unsecure web browsers. That’s why I always recommend using most secured Web browser for Windows.
  • Now disable your antivirus program after scanning. Sometimes even windows defender (in windows 8, 8.1) cause some issues in installation of new OS version. So, it’s better to disable it too.
  • Make sure you’ve a good internet connection (in case you’ve decided to upgrade online).
  • Disconnect all of the extra hardware and USB connections i.e. mobiles etc.
  • Reboot your system.

Now start the installation or upgradation process and hope for the best. Sometimes during installation, we couldn’t spot the actual cause of installation failure. We try again and again but the same issue.

For situations like that, windows troubleshooter is a big ease. Browse to the Windows Update Troubleshooter and download troubleshooter. Download it and install. You’ll see something like following!

Windows Update Troubleshooter

Click on Advanced button, run it, and let it do some homework in your system. It will examine update files and sort out the actual cause of problem. It will automatically solve the issue after scanning your system. You also see scan results by clicking/tapping view detailed information link.

Troubleshooter did not solve the issue?

Ok, no doubt, windows troubleshooter solves much of your problems, but not always! Because sometimes there are certain errors associated with corrupted update files that can’t be solved by troubleshooter. And sometimes you got an issue with installing windows troubleshooter in your version of windows.

In this case, if you observe that the problem still persists even after troubleshooting, you need to do some manual action. Sometimes folders which are used to save update files in C drive, got corrupted. Then you have to manually delete them.

Issue 1: Corrupted Installation folders in C drive

Go to C drive of your computer > Show hidden files by clicking on View button and then marking Show hidden items. Now locate the folder with name $WINDOWS.~BT: by typing this name into search bar. All you need to do is to rename this folder by $WINDOWS.WoodySaidZapIt.

Now try installation of updating again. If successful then simple delete this renamed folder after installation finished.

Issue 2: Product key

A sound percentage of complaints is always about product keys. Well, this is not something that you can’t move ahead without. If a dialogue box like following come up then just press skip without thinking twice. This is not something that crucial.

Product key Issue

You can register you windows later whenever you manage to get a product key.

No skip option?

Ok, well, if you’re installing a fresh Windows 10 and the product key dialogue box has no skip option. Then don’t be worried. Enter any random windows 7, 8, 8.1 product key (you can take help from Google in finding random windows product keys). Just enter any! Setup will accept it without showing any error.

Otherwise you can also activate your windows 10 via phone. Press windows button and R key simultaneously and type slui.exe 4 (without any space). Enter your country name. You’ll receive a toll-free number to call on. You’ll receive windows 10 product key on an automated voice.

Issue 3: Installation process hang for hours?

Another major issue is installation process went on sleep for hours without any progress. There are many reasons of that. Make sure your mobile or other hardware is not connected to your system via Bluetooth or USB connection.

If you’re upgrading online then check your internet connection. Turn off and then on your Wi-Fi router. Also make sure you’re installing a FREE update. Because enterprise version updates are not free. If you don’t have any such issue then try installing again!

Issue 4: Error code [0x80070005-0x90002]

This error is very common and exists in many versions of windows. This actually means that the installer can’t process a file that it needs to move ahead with installation. If you’re upgrading your windows from and older version then make sure you’ve Servicing stack update.

Issue 5: Error code [0xC1900101]

This is a drive error. You must have installed all of drivers essential for Windows OS.

If you can’t move ahead due to any of the reason, then simply download installation files from Media Creation Tool and perform a manual installation of windows 10. Wish you luck with that!

I guess your problem must have been solved!


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