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Latest update in Firefox – Password Insecurity Warning

Finally Firefox 52 is released, with a charming feature of password insecurity warning. This warning actually appears while logging into unsecure HTTP pages. When you try to login to an insecure HTTP page then this insecurity warning appears just below the password entering tab. Main purpose of this warning is just to remind a Firefox user that he’s about to enter in an insecure page. So the account security may be compromised.

password insecurity warning

Following text will be shown right below the password tab with a broken lock symbol (showing insecurity):

Logins entered here could be compromised. Learn more

Google is going to launch  chrome57 in few days. This update in chrome also have similar password insecurity warning. http-login.badssl.com will let you see this warning in your own browser.

Firefox developers said that the number of HTTPS  secured logins increased from 40 percent to 75 percent after this password insecurity warning feature. This shows a positive growth towards secure web surfing.

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