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New Opera Neon Browser with Fantastic Features – Check Details

Opera neon browser is a unique browser, recently launched by Opera. Why it’s unique? Because of it’s super cool interface along with a bundle of features. You may have used a lot of web browsers since when you’re on computer. Every time you try a new browser you observe one thing that all browsers have same type of user interface. No matter if it is Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft’s internet explorer of Edge etc. All of them have same interface with some minor differences. The thing which make Opera neon browser different that all others is user interface. Have a look on this image. This is home screen!

opera neon browser

Opera Neon Browser

Opera neon was first time launched by opera in January. According to Opera it is “radical re-imagining of what a browser can be…” There is nothing like chrome, Firefox or any other in Opera neon browser. Appearance of Taskbar, Customize and control menu, bookmark bar etc. is totally different than traditional way.

If we look at Opera’s history, Opera never had a market king or very famous browser. Though many people using it but that is not what Opera actually thought while launching it’s first browser in 1994. Opera neon browser as being a totally different and unique platform, can perform much better. It could lead Opera to the top and meet its long term goals, If Opera keep working on it.

Main Features

Following are main features of Opera neon browser:

  • Media control panel for playback and volume control of background videos and audios.
  • Ads on finger tips
  • Audio files
  • Snap” feature for instantly capturing screenshots
  • Video playing in pop-out windows
  • Intelligent tab management

Limitation of Opera Neon Browser

It also have certain limitations as well. But don’t worry, this is not to worry about. Actually it Lacks support for Chrome and Firefox extensions and plugins. If you rely on these extensions for your official work then opera neon may not be a good option for you. Though, you can still use it for personal use.


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