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Most Secure Browser Unveiled – Surprising Results

If we are asked what is least hackable and most secure browser, we may reply with different names like Firefox, safari, opera etc. But the results of 10th annual Pwn2Own event showed a totally different story with unveiling Google chrome as most secure browser.

most secure browser

Unveiling Most Secure Browser

Zero day initiative organized an annual event in which hackers were challenged to find different vulnerabilities in web browsers. Hackers were offered different cash prizes on successfully finding bugs.

i) Microsoft’s edge browser came up as worst browser with five severe vulnerabilities. It costed $300,000 as bounties for these vulnerabilities in Edge browser. It threw edge browser out of the race of most secure web browser, until Microsoft pay some serious attention on edge’s security.

ii) Three vulnerabilities were found in Apple’s safari, and that was surprising because no one was expecting any major vulnerability in safari after their recent exploit fixing in beta.

iii) Everyone’s favourite Firefox was successfully attacked one time. But Firefox already has announced to make some positive changes in its browser’s security. So it can be consider OK while hoping for best in new update.

iv) And the king which remain undefeatable was Google Chrome. It successfully made it through different attack from world class hackers. And secured the title of most secure browser.

Winning team of hackers of the event was from 360 security. These guys scored 63 points!

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