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Microsoft to Announce Ad Mediation Service for Apps

Microsoft has announced ad network service namely “Microsoft Ad Mediation Service” to let its App developer maximize their revenue through ads.

Windows ad Mediation Service

Microsoft’s Ad Mediation Service Open to all Developers

Microsoft at its Windows Blog has made announcement that at part of their continuous commitment Microsoft has launched Ad Mediation Service “to maximize developer monetization through ads.”

Microsoft’s Ad Mediation Service is a federated cloud based ad service designed to help app developers maximize their ad revenue. Will it encourage Android developers to take a look at Windows App development as Windows App are since long being ignored due to the absence of availability of Ad Network service.

Now Microsoft has two key components i.e. Ad Mediation Service and Microsoft Advertising SDK, that would probably drive healthy highest expected revenue to the developers. Developers can access Microsoft’s ads mediation service through the Windows Dev Center.

Developers can maximize their revenue by service ads on their applications. According to Microsoft, “Developers can also use the ads performance reporting API to programmatically access their reporting data and build their own internal dashboards.”

According to Microsoft, this new service is a Supply Side Platform (SSP), which ensures that developers get the highest yield from ads within their apps, irrespective of their format. The Software giant has explained the advantages of its SSP over other networks with the following table:

Ad Mediation Table

Let’s see how good the service would be to compete Google AdSense which is on the verge to stricken its Ads policy.

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