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5 Simple Ways How You Can Make Windows 10 Look Like Mac – Simple Steps

Yes it’s possible! You can significantly change you Windows 10 to look like Mac. We all know that the Mac has a lot of differences with Windows. There are actually many things that only exist in Mac, such as Dock, folder stacks, EXPOSÉ and Launchpad etc.


Changing Windows 10 appearance to look like Mac is not that difficult as it seems. You can customize your Windows settings and install some extra replica software to windows 10 to make loo and behave like Mac. Though sometimes installing too many software may result in Windows 10 excessive RAM usage issue but it’s ok if you’ve enough RAM storage.

Here I’ve collected some simple tips and methods that you can use in this regard.  Let’s see what you change in your Windows 10 and how!

5 Simple Ways to Make Windows Look Like Mac OS X

1) Removing Icon Names

Follow these following steps to remove names of specific desktop icons in Windows 10.

  • Open character map and locate blank characters in it. Then select it and copy.
  • Now come back to desktop, right click on icon names, select “change name” and then paste that blank text you copied from character map. Click Ok!
  • Repeat the step for all other icons. You’ll surely get a message that you can’t change icon name because another icon has same name. To counter this, keep your character map on and select another blank text box. Copy it and paste in icon name space.

Note: If you often experience scrambling of desktop icons in Windows 10 then Lean to Stop Desktop Icons Scrambling in Windows 10.

Removing Icon Names

2) Adding Mac OS Dock to Windows 10

You can add Aqua Doc replica to Windows 10 by installing it from Softpedia.com website. Open it and click Download, Run it in your system after downloading. It is not that exact replica but still it appears good with charming background. After installing it successfully, you can simply drag and drop icons in it from your desktop. You can also customize its settings. Just right click on aqua bar and select customize. You can change animations, background, fonts and transparency.

Adding Mac OS Dock to windows 10

3) Adding Mac OS Launchpad to Windows 10

This is actually the app launcher in Mac OS. Windows 10 also support this kind of app launching by installing WinLaunch Starter software, which is the replica of Mac’s Lion Launchpad GUI. Go to WinLaunch Starter and download it. Then unzip the downloaded file and install it in your Windows 10. Open it and press F to switch to Windows mode. Then you can simply drag icons it from Windows desktop. You can also create folders of these icons in app launcher.

Adding Mac OS Launchpad to windows 10

Its design, image and background are customize-able, you can set your preferences.

Mac OS Launchpad design

4) Adding EXPOSÉ to Windows 10

EXPOSÉ displays program as thumbnails tiles scattered across the desktop so that you can have a better look and easily switch between their Windows. Open Better desktop tool and install it in your Windows 10. Open it, you’ll find something like following image.

Adding EXPOSÉ to windows 10

You can make your choices here to sort out things according to what you want. You can select keyboard drop down menu to show all of the opened Windows on your desktop. In this way, you can quickly preview and open whatever you want.

5) Stack Folder’s Replica for Windows 10

As Windows 10 does not have anything like stack folder option in which Mac users can stack their files on the Dock to access them by just on click. But Windows 10 do have a replica software of this. Install 7Stacks in Windows. Open it and click on Create to make new stack. Pin this program to the taskbar of Windows 10 to access stack items instantly.

Stack Folder's Replica for Windows 10

Manually Change Desktop Look Without Installing Replica Software

Well, if you just don’t want to install replica software to make your Windows 10 desktop behave like Mac, you still have an alternative. You can manually alter desktop background and settings. Follow these steps.

Step 1: Change Background

Right click this image and save it in your computer, better to save it on desktop. Then right click on saved image and set it as desktop background.

Change background

Step 2: Hide the Taskbar

Take your cursor to the taskbar and right click on it. Now click on Properties and check the Auto hide taskbar icon. Now your taskbar will remain hidden, it will appear back from nowhere when you take your cursor on its position.

Hide the Taskbar

Step 3: Move Icons

Right click anywhere on your desktop where there is no icon present. Click on View and then go to Align icons to grid. Now drag your desktop icons and place them in aqua bar space on your desktop background to give them a look like Mac. Maintain a proper distance between icons. It should look like follows.

Enjoy a Mac like look of your Windows 10

Enjoy a Mac like look of your Windows 10 desktop!

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