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Learn How to Make a Stealth Account – Simple Steps

This guide will help you for creating a stealth account in simple steps. A Stealth account is actually an account which is used to sell gain for those users which are already suspended by eBay and PayPal.

Stealth Account

These accounts do not contain any kind of trace information to the suspended users. These are used when eBay or PayPal banned or in some cases your account. You must have a secure and private web browser be able to change your Internet protocol address (IP address) in order to create a Stealth account. Not just to switch to a new IP, in fact there are multiple things which I’ve mentioned below.

Requirements for Creating a Stealth Account

  • You must be able to get a new IP address. Change your device or whatever you can do in this regard.
  • You need a virtual credit card in order to verify your account. Vanilla credit card is suggested.
  • You need a virtual bank account. Though it is optional but it makes sense to put a virtual bank account information because it may increase your money withdrawal and sending limits.
  • If you’ve an actual bank account then it is far better than putting virtual bank account info. Use it.

How to Make a Stealth Account?

If you’ve two different Stealth accounts in one browser then soon these accounts will be linked together and so burned. So, it is advised to always have one account in one browser (in case you want multiple Stealth accounts). The other thing is to always clear out Cache and Cookies in your browser.

Another thing you can try to create multiple Stealth accounts is install a potable version of Google Chrome. Just download and place it on your desktop in a separate folder. Install it every time you want to create a stealth account. It saves a lot a mess and provide a much better and secure environment especially for creating multiple Stealth accounts.

Always choose a unique name and different profile information every time you create a Stealth account. After creating such necessary stuff it’s time to make a Gmail ID. Then provide a phone number. If you just want to make a single Stealth account then it is ok to use your real phone number.

But if you’re planning to have a series of accounts then a better suggestion is to pick up you phone. Sign up on NextPlus or TextPlus named android fake number generator apps and get as many phone number as you want. These numbers can be used to send and receive text messages and make/receive audio calls.

You must remember that these apps provide US based phone numbers so you should put account information accordingly. If you provide a US mobile number on a Japanese address then don’t blame them if they burn your account.

Note: This is the time when you’ve to change your IP address. Configure VPN, set a static IP address for your device or use whichever procedure you want.

Go to eBay

Now open the eBay site and register for a new account with details given in your Stealth account you just created. After completing the application process, go to Gmail and confirm your account. Get back to eBay and open My eBay > Account. Now click on signup for PayPal.

Now you’re signing into PayPal using your eBay account. It is a lot easier because most of the information you already have provided. Just need to provide a password and you’re all done!

Credit Card and Bank Account Information

Then you need to give credit card information. Get a virtual credit card and enter its details here. You can also give bank account information as well, it is not necessary though.

Come Back to eBay

Now come back to eBay, login and behave like a seller. Just put anything in order to hit next. After hitting next, eBay will ask you to verify information for creating a seller account. Here you need a phone number. Give number and press call me now. Automatic call confirmation and validation system of eBay will call you on the given number.

It will ask you to dial some numbers then a PIN number will be said by the robot. Type this PIN number in the required place and enjoy your seller account.

Always Remember

  • You can use your original IP to check emails of Stealth account and don’t do much work associated with Stealth account using real IP.
  • Always have a look at IP address before logging in to eBay or PayPal account.
  • Always fill even optional information for creating Stealth account accounts.

Best Browser for Stealth Account?

Now let’s come to a big question. What is the best browser to use for Stealth account? The answer is Tor browser. Why? Because it offers to initiate a secure and private web connection to anything online. The biggest benefit is you don’t need to change your IP address with any other method when you have Tor browser. You can install Tor browser for your PC and create as many Stealth accounts as you can.

This was the simplest method to create multiple Stealth accounts and use them for eBay and PayPal. I hope it helped you!

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