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6 Ways to Speed Up Mac Running Slow – Slow Mac Fix

Mac Running Slow: If your Mac is running slow or showing abnormal behavior of such sort, don’t worry you can Speed up your Mac or MacBook with simple fix. All Mac devices gradually start running slow with time, its normal. However, it’s not normal when a new Mac device begins to run slow without any apparent reason.

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Reasons Why Mac Running Slow with 6 Ways to Speed it Up

There are many reasons that forces your Mac to run slower than usual. Whether you’re using MacBook Pro, or any OS X Update, proper maintenance of your Mac device is also necessary. That’s why you should always use Best Methods and Tips for Mac Cleanup.

This guide is about possible reasons which cause your Mac to run slow, along with the respective solutions to make your Mac faster. Six most common problems and their solutions are given below. Let’s start with the 1st one!



#1: Outdated Version of Mac OS – Update Your Mac OS X

Operating systems are updated to bring up new features along with up to date security system to protect your Mac device from all kinds of bad programs. The virus and malware programs keep looking for ways to infiltrate into systems. Outdated OS versions are not usually equipped with the latest security tools to protect your system.

Update Your Mac OS X

If your Mac’s OS is outdated it means it has become vulnerable against such bad programs. If you’ve not updated your OS since long and observing your Mac running slow, you need to update it ASAP to the latest available version.

Simple Fix: Go to PC settings and update you Mac OS X to the latest available version. Hope it will solve the slow running issue of Mac. If not then see below for other possible causes.



#2: Your Mac’s Hard Drive is Full – Remove Unnecessary Data

The most common cause of slow running of your Mac is a full hard drive. If you’re running out of space in your hard drive then be sure about it as being the primary cause of slowing down your Mac.

Your Mac's Hard Drive is Full

Simple Fix: In this case you’ve to remove extra burden from your hard drive by removing the contents that you no longer need. Go to your storage, locate and permanently delete extra things. For example, you can delete videos, watched movies, extra songs, and all other data that is not important to you anymore.



#3: A lot of Viruses and Spyware Programs – Install an AntiVirus

Different kinds of viruses and malware are the most common reason of this. That’s why I always insist to protect your Mac from viruses. Such virus programs are mostly found in out dated versions of Mac OS. So before going to the solution I recommend you to update your Mac OS to the latest version.

Install an AntiVirus

Simple Fix: Install a good antivirus program and perform a full system scan of your Mac. Also go to the applications that are installed in your Mac and locate how many of them automatically got installed without your permission. Uninstall if there is any such application because these are actually virus and malware programs that are doing some fishy business without letting you know. Reboot your system after performing certain actions.



#4: Startup Time Processes – Manage your Startup Items

When you reboot your Mac, it initiates a lot of processes. After reboot, many of processes keep running in background. It causes your Mac to slow down because your CPU has to process all of them of course. So this is also another big cause of the problem. A clean start of your Mac can make it run considerably faster.

Manage your Startup Items

Simple Fix: Go to the settings of Mac and see how many processes are there which initiate on reboot. Keep only those that you actually need and delete all of the rest. You’ll feel the difference on next reboot.



#5: Extra Programs and Software – Uninstall the Garbage

Another cause is that you’ve installed a lot of applications and software. Some people are addicted to best Mac games, though it’s not a bad habit to play games but these games can slow down your Mac if you don’t ‘exit” them properly.

End processes with Activity Monitor

If you let games and other apps ON it’ll put extra burden on CPU and hence it slow down you Mac. Activity monitor can show you how many processes are utilizing your system resources.

Simple Fix: Go to the applications and software you’ve installed. Check how many of them you no longer need, uninstall them and reboot your Mac. Open the memory tab > memory filter and see how much your RAM is being taken by different apps. You can stop unnecessary apps by clicking/tapping on the grey colored “x” icon. Reboot your Mac after making you choices.



#6: Older Machine – Upgrade Your Hardware

It means your Mac may be too old, that’s why it has become slower. As I mentioned earlier that it’s quite normal for an old Mac to be slow down in processing. If it’s your case sadly there isn’t much that you can do to make it fast. Though, you can try all of the above tips that I mentioned but it won’t make a big difference.

Upgrade your hardware

Simple Fix: The only solution you’re left with in this situation is to upgrade your hardware. You need some budget for this of course, but there is no other way. If you can make it with this slow running of Mac with existing hardware then you may keep going on. But if you urgently need to get rid of this slow running then upgrade your hardware and try above mentioned tips.




These were the reasons why your mac running slow, with respective solutions. Almost all of the causes of Mac’s slow running fall into above mentioned general categories. So, I can hope you’ve got your issue solved if you tried above solutions.

If you already have tried all these tips and still your issue persists, then it means there is some other specific issue in you Mac. In this case, I recommend to contact and expert to sort out the actual cause. Anyways, I hope you learned something from this guide. So, please give your review below.

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