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9 Ways to Fix if Mac Can’t Connect To iTunes – Reply

You don’t always have to blame your internet connection, if your Mac can’t connect to iTunes store. Though, mostly Apple products like Mac and iPhone face the issue of not recognizing to iTunes Store, because of some problem with internet connectivity. But in fact, there could be many other reasons as well.

Cannot Connect to iTunes Store

If your iPhone have the same issue then you may need to know how to fix if iPhone can’t connect to iTunes Store. In this guide, I will only focus on the possible causes and respective solutions of Mac can’t connect to iTunes Store.

How to fix Mac can’t Connect to iTunes?

First of all you need to make sure your Mac device is connected to an active internet connection. This is the 1st and foremost check that every Mac user should perform in case of any internet related issue. If you feel some abnormal behavior of your internet connection, you can troubleshoot it as follows!

  1. Using a WiFi connection? Try restarting your router device. Then browse something just to check if internet is working properly.
  2. Still not working? Means something is wrong with WiFi connectivity. Ok, try connecting to router via a LAN cable (the one with RJ-45 connector). Check if internet is working now.
  3. Still nothing? Now call your internet service provider (ISP) guys and let them know your issue. In the meantime, if you need to browse something urgently then you may connect your Mac device to internet by connecting it to your mobile via hotspot data connectivity.

These were some troubleshooting tips for internet. Ok, if there is nothing wrong with internet connection or you’ve solved it, but still your Mac can’t connect to iTunes Store then try these following tips.

i) Update your Mac OS

Mac devices often face different kind of issues due to outdated operating system. If your current OS is outdated then you should update it ASAP. It will automatically solves many problems about your Mac.

There is an Apple’s logo at upper left corner, tap it. Now tap on App Store or Software Update button. It will open App store and you’ll see available software updates. Click on Update All button and let if finish downloading and installation of these updates.

ii) Update Safari and iTunes

Using a too old version of iTunes can also be the cause of this issue. You can update the iTunes to the latest version and see if the solves your issue. Make sure your ac device is ready to install latest updates of iTunes and Safari.

To update iTunes, launch iTunes on your Mac, open Menu bar > iTunes > Check for updates. Then follow the instructions you’ll be given, finish the updating process and relaunch iTunes store. For Safari, you can learn How to Update Safari in case you don’t know.

iii) Mac Functioning Slow? Speed it up

long with the connection problem to iTunes, if you’re also observing an abnormal behavior of your Mac i.e. it’s functioning slower than normal etc. then you need to speed it up. There is a separate guide which consists of 6 Ways to Speed Up Mac Running Slow.

You should read that! You can also use Methods and Tips for Mac Cleanup to make you Mac system function smoothly.

iv) See if Apple’s system and servers are working fine

There are chances that Apple’s servers are temporarily down due to some issue. If everything is apparently fine about you Mac and you can’t connect to iTunes, you should visit Apple’s system status webpage t0 see if its servers are working fine.

If there is green colored sign net to iTunes button then servers are working fine. If there is an orange triangular sign instead of green sign, it means there is something wrong with Apple servers. Now you don’t need to do anything. Just wait and let Apple to solve this.

v) Check if something blocking iTunes, Firewall etc.

Sometimes firewall or other antivirus software block other programs to function in Mac. This is mostly due to abnormal behavior of these programs. You can go to your Mac’s firewall settings and see if iTunes is includes in the lists of blocked programs. If so then change it and allow iTunes to connect to internet and function as it should.

Open Mac menu bar and go to menu > System preferences app. Tap on Security and Privacy > Firewall options. Now change the firewall settings if it is blocking iTunes.

vi) Scan your Mac

Not just your Mac’s firewall, in fact there can some malware or virus which is preventing your Mac from connecting to iTunes. Pay some attention on how to protect Mac from viruses and keep your Mac secure. It’s advised to scan your Mac device with a good antimalware software and then try reconnecting to iTunes.

vii) Using VPN in your Mac? Turn it OFF

You don’t need to use any VPN for normal use. If VPN is already enabled or your Mac device is previously configured for VPN then turn it OFF. Try reconnecting to iTunes Store after that. If you need to use VPN or proxy to access some contents of some websites then you should only use 5 best web anonymous proxies.

 viii) Mac Keychain! Try Resetting it

In many cases Mac keychain causes issues like preventing Mac from connecting to iTunes store, issues in web browsing etc. If there is no other apparent reason and you already have tried all of the above tips, try resetting Mac keychain.

Go to Utilities folder > Keychain Access > Other folder. Now select preferences > General > tap on Reset My Default Keychain. After that, it will ask you to confirm the changes by entering your account login password. Enter the password and confirm the changes. It may solve your issue.


So here we finish the causes and respective solutions of the problem of Mac can’t connect to iTunes due to any possible reason. I tried to cover all of the possible causes in this brief guide, still if issue persists in your Mac then you may contact your nearest Apple store and let them know your problem. Wish you luck with that.


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