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Learn how to View Recordings in your Smartphone using a Web Browser with Remote Browsing Function

It may be surprising for you to know that web browser in your smartphone can access to the recordings in your smartphone. You can operate camcorder remotely and play recordings using web browser compatible with Wi-Fi network. I’m going to explain this how you can use smartphone’s web browser as a multimedia player. Your browser must have JavaScript and Cookies enabled.

Caution: It’s advised to use a protected Wi-Fi network in order to prevent your data from being lost or exposed to public.

Access web browser

Camcorder’s password protection is necessary

You need to set password of camcorder for Wi-Fi functions. It will be just one time process. You won’t need to enter your login details after first time login (until unless you change settings).

Now let’s move to the process of your camcorder password settings.

  • Click/tap the Function button > Menu > and tap the Video icon.
  • Scroll the screen up/down to see more options. Locate Wi-Fi option and tap on it.
  • Now tap the “smartphone connection” in options and then tap “camcorder’s password”.
  • Now you’ll be asked to provide 8 digit password. Confirm the password.
  • Then get back by tapping reverse arrow key and close the Option’s window by pressing cross button at top right side of screen.
  • Repeat the procedure if you want to change this password later.

Accessing Camcorder Remotely

Follow these steps to remotely operate your camcorder.

  • Tap the function (FUNC.) button.
  • Tap Browse Remotely.
  • Now it will ask your permission for remote browsing of camcorder. Affirm it.
  • Now SSID and URL that need to be entered in web browser to access camcorder will appear. Connection is ready.
  • Now connect your smartphone to the camcorder using Wi-Fi network. Activate wifi > Network name of detected access point will appear. Tat it and enter camcorder’s password in required field. Again this is first time process. It will automatically connect to camcorder once you activate Wi-Fi connection of you smartphone, if connection to camcorder will available.
  • Now open the web browser of you smartphone and enter the URL that you see in camcorder’s settings.
  • Browser remote screen will start appearing.
  • As long as you do not change any of settings like password etc. You can see this remote screen. It better to bookmark that link for instant access.
  • Wi-Fi icon will appear on camcorder’s screen. If no device is connected then this icon will be in Yellow color.
  • You can close the remote browsing by turning it off on camcorder screen menu.

Browser remote application shows both Advanced control settings (for large screen) and Basic control settings for small screen.

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Remote Operation from Browser

Now we will see what operations and functions we can perform using remote browsing.

  • i) Recording Movies

Live streaming can be viewed and record using [Live view ON/OFF] function. Recording operation is indicated by a red LED light along with [REC] button on screen. Time code is also displayed which indicates the duration of recording. There is a START/STOP button that is used to initiate and terminate recording operation.

  • ii) Adjusting White Balance

White balance can be adjusted by pressing the whit balance mode button. There are different values of white balance highlighted with a specific digits. You can press any value to observe respective white balance mode and then select appropriate one. There are different choices of white balance adjustment for remote browsing.

  • iii) Aperture and Focus Adjustment

You can remotely adjust the aperture value to the most suitable one. There are (-ve) and (+ve) aperture keys for decreasing and increasing aperture value respectively. Focus can also be adjusted according to one’s choice. There are three options, smallest/medium/largest for focus adjustment in order to have a decent view through remote recording.

  • iv) Adjustment of Gain and Shuttering Speed

Gain of streaming can be adjusted to specify to a particular value in decibels (dB). There are options to adjust Gain anywhere between 0dB to 15dB with a difference of 1dB. Shuttering speed can also be adjusted in between 1/8 to 1/2000.

  • v) Zoon Adjustment

Same as aperture there are (-ve) and (+ve) buttons for zooming in and zooming out of the view. One can adjust a specific zoom level of view according to his choice.

While in live view, it’s advised to have a high speed internet connection for better streaming. There may be temporary problems like delay etc. if you have low speed connection. And only one device can be connected to camcorder at a time.

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