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Latest Trends in the E-Commerce World

Ecommerce is the new boss and being a giant market place, it is attracting all sorts of businesses; big and small. But to make your business a success you need to keep yourself updated with all the latest technology, trends and strategies being introduced to facilitate the ecommerce world and businesses.

Data targeted marketing

This is redefining online marketing to a whole new level, once a product viewed the customers will start seeing similar suggestions and although it has proven to be widely appreciated but there are always few that are fed-up of viewing similar products/items upon browsing a certain item once.

Once you are a member of an ecommerce site your preferences will be remembered and this is also now being offered to people that don not sign up or log into the website, the preferences are used as a data, analyzed and then the marketing work comes into play where customers see similar suggestions of products they may be interested in.

The trick is right timing, if you present them with the content at the right time; you can earn a purchase, most likely.

Video Appeals

Several business have taken up this technique that is to make high quality with great content video that talk about your product or tells its story in a way that it connects with your users/customers and audience.

You can always get creative with your video creations, giving demonstrations, go Facebook live, make real-time user engagement videos with your products and so on. Ecommerce being highly competitive market ground, you need to take your every game several notches up and do the same thing with a newer and fresher twist.

Mobile Friendly

Technology has advanced to the level that your computer has been summed up in a small screen known as the smartphones. Humans have been using mobiles more than ever, and business are being smart about It by introducing apps that will make their consumer’s life easier by providing easy e-store access and viewing whilst facilitating themselves and their profits.

You can jump into this bandwagon regardless of the size of your company/business and revenue- This is the fastest, easiest and feasible way to gain access to a wider range of users. You can incorporate live chat supports like several business already started, you can even set up the new age bots that would provide customer support for you.

Payment and Shipping Convenience

This is one trend that we see continuously shaping and growing. The ultimate goal is to make online shopping in Pakistan easy peasy for the users, the more friendly the environment of your store, the more customers. Although it is not that easy, but that in a nutshell we can place it there. Provide as many possible options to your customers for making payments and shipment processes.

If you have limited options, chances are that those customers having countless other online stores available to them, they will turn to them and look for options that are convenient to them.

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