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How to Jailbreak iPhone by 3uTools | Unlock iOS Guide

Today’s discussion is about how to Jailbreak iPhone with u3Tool. 3u Tools is just a technical term used for a collection of useful iOS tools (for restoring settings and Jailbreaking). The same 3uTool is also used to unlock disabled Apple devices.

3u tools are used to compatible iOS firmware. Its downgrades apple devices to make them usable. These 3u tools can be used for iPhones like 3GS, 4/4S, 5/5S, 6/ 6 PLUS/ 6S etc. OK! now let’s move to the Jail Bbreak procedure.

How to JailBreak iPhone – Procedure

The whole procedure is divided into simple step to avoid things from messing up.

Step 1: Install 3u Tools

First of all tap 3u Tools v2.09 and install its setup. Then connect your iPhone to your PC. Open the software and click/tap on Flash & JB section, colored in blue. Then click/tap on Jailbreak button in this section.

Install 3uTools

Step 2: Select the Version

Now look the column on right hand side describing the different versions. Select any, let’s say you selected iOS 10-10.2 Jail Break. Now follow the prompt instruction to start and proceed with jailbreaking process.

Select the Version

Step 3: Open your iPhone and go to Settings

Yalu102 will be installed in in your device during 2nd step. Now go to the Settings > General > Device Management. Locate the Apple ID and tap on it.

Open your iPhone and go to Settings

Step 4: Launch yalu102 and Enjoy

Now launch yalu102 and tap Go option. Reboot your device and enjoy your jailbroke iPhone. All done!
If this does not work after rebooting then repeat the whole process again and again (you don’t have to install 3u tools each time though).

Things you need to know:

  • Please make sure you’ve moved all of your data from the device you’re going to jailbreak. You can learn the easy ways to transfer data from iPhone.
  • If you’ve already upgraded to iOS 10.2.1 then it’s you bad luck because you can’t downgrade form this. Apple already has stopped signing for this.
  • If you want to jailbreak iPhone 7 or 7 PLUS then sorry, v2.09 3u tools are for older versions only.
  • You must have to reactivate jailbreak after every time your reboot your device.
  • Always turn off all kinds of passcodes from your iPhone before starting jailbreaking process.
    It is advised to reset your phone date to January 6, 2014.
  • Sometimes after jailbreaking you need to Fix Missing APN Settings for your iPhone.

So this is the procedure in addition to precautions to jailbreak an iPhone. Now if you also want to learn how to restore disabled Apple devices using 3u tools, please Visit Here.


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