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iPhone Cannot Connect To iTunes Store – 10 Simple Fix

Sometimes iPhone users face a serious problem that iPhone cannot connect to iTunes Store or Game center. “Can’t connect to iTunes Store” appears whenever a user taps on iTunes app. Some say that the Jailbreaking an iOS Device causes such errors to occur most often, but I personally don’t think so, because Jailbreak has nothing to do with such connectivity issues of your iPhone.

iPhone Cannot Connect To iTunes

However, there can be multiple causes of this problem including internet connectivity of some issue in device’s settings etc. If you already know that the problem is due to internet settings in your device then you’re recommended to study Fix iPhone Missing APN Settings to get your issue solved. But most of the times you’re not sure what is the actual cause of the problem.

How to Fix Fix if iPhone Can’t Connect To iTunes?

There are chances that in fact there is no issue with your iPhone or internet and it is just servers who are went down temporarily. This server issue is just a temporary issue, but if your problem is still persisting after couple of years then you may try following tips. Let us go through 10 simple tips to if iPhone Cannot Connect To iTunes.

i) Switch to Other Network if iPhone Cannot Connect To iTunes

If you’re currently using data network then you may try shifting to your home Wi-Fi or any other network that you can access. After switching, exit all apps are try reconnecting to iTunes Store. If there was something wrong with cellular data connectivity, you would’ve solved your issue in this step. If still no access to iTunes Store then keep reading the following tips.

ii) Poor Internet Connection?

What if your internet connection is ON but is so poor that fetching data is taking too long so the operation timed out? Yes of course it can be cause, especially when you’re in some remote area where the nearest BTS is several kilometers away.

If you’re using Wi-Fi then you can try restarting your router device. But in case or cellular data, either you need to switch to some other connection or wait until you reach somewhere having a good wireless connectivity.

iii) Servers are working perfectly? Have a Check

If there is nothing wrong in your internet connectivity then the next possibility is that the servers are not working. You can check that by browsing Apple’s official website and then going to the Apple System Page and see of iTunes Store is down. This page will give you information about Apple services, stores, iCloud etc.

If you see Green square box in server option then it means servers are working perfectly. If there is an Orange triangular box then it means servers are down and with that you have spotted the cause why iTunes Store is not working. All you can do now is to wait until servers start functioning as they should.

iv) Check Date and Time of your iPhone

Yes, sometimes when we’ve set the date and time of our phone to manual settings, it causes some issues in phone in data and time is not correct that causes iPhone cannot connect to iTunes. You can check this in your iPhone by going to Settings > General > Date & Time. Now set it to update automatically. If internet connection is ON then it’ll be updated instantly. After this, try reopening on iTunes Store and see how it behave now.

v) Try Restarting you iPhone

Sometimes, everything is good but phone starts showing some strange behavior i.e. webpage not loading, not connecting to iTunes Store, continuously hanging after sometime etc. That means your iPhone need some rest. Best advice for this situation is just shut down your iPhone and give it rest form some minutes. Then restart and try opening iTunes Store. Hope it’ll solve your issue.

vi) Outdated iOS? Update it Now

Sometimes, issues arise due to using too old version of iOS. If you found any strange behavior of phone like not connecting to iTunes Store without any apparent cause and you’re using an outdated version of iOS, then updating iOS to the latest version can solve your problem.

New version can fix your multiple problems such as security etc. If you’ve messed with your device then you should know about 3 Steps to Restore any Apple Device without loosing Data.

vii) Using VPN? Turn it OFF

For normal use f internet, I don’t recommend the continuous use of VPN. If VPN is enabled in your iPhone then go to Settings > VPN, then tap the Green button to turn it to OFF. Now try reopening the iTunes Store.

In case you need to use VPN or proxy to access some contents of some websites then I recommend to only use 5 best web anonymous proxies in 2017.

viii) Sign Out of your Apple ID

This is not a solution but a trick that sometimes works for such kind of problems. Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID, tap on sign out. Now go back to iTunes & App Store and sign in again using same ID. Hope it’ll solve your issue.

ix) Erase your iPhone

If nothing is working against this problem then as another tip, you can erase all data from your iPhone. But don’t forget to Transfer data from iPhone to Android as a backup.

x) Restore your iPhone

If you still can’t access the iTunes Store after trying all above then the only solution you’re left with is to restore your iPhone to factory settings. This will wipe out all data and make it just as you recently bought it from Apple store.

But before restoring, don’t forget to save a backup of your data using above mentioned method. Also make sure your iPhone is connected to internet and fully charged.

Now launch iTunes and tap on Summary tab. It will download the firmware and wait until it completes the restoring process. Now you’re good to go with your new (restored) iPhone.


These are some useful tips to use in case your iPhone cannot connect to iTunes Store due to any hidden or apparent reason. Most of the causes of such connectivity issues are addressed in above tips. Still if the problem persists in your iPhone after trying all of above mentioned tips then you’re advised to contact to Apple help desk and let them solve your issue.

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