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Learn how to view IP Camera from Web browser – Easy Guide

Many people ask if they can access IP cameras from web browser without calling an expert. Answer is simple, YES. Next thing HOW. So now you’re going to learn the answer of this HOW thing. Actually things are not that tough as they seem in the beginning. All it costs is just your attention for some time. I believe, you won’t have any issue in accessing IP camera from web browser after reading this article. So let’s start!


Steps on How to View IP Camera Remotely from Internet Browser

If you’ve recently purchased a CCTV camera and wondering how to manage this thing from your computer, you don’t need to be worried anymore. The process I’m going to describe works for all, no matter if you have a PC Mac tablet or whatever. Just follow these following steps!

Step 1: Connecting Camera to the Network

I assume you already have installed you camera at right position and waiting for connecting it with computer. Actually there are more than one ways to connect PoE based IP camera to the network.

  • Easiest way is connecting via PoE cable. Get a PoE cable and connect it between the camera and PoE labeled switch.
  • Connecting via PoE Injector. PoE is kind of a bridge between IP camera and network. It consists of a non PoE cable connected between the network and Injector’s LAN input. And another cable between IP camera and Injector’s PoE port. Injector device needs to be powered externally.
  • Connecting via non PoE Power adopter. IF you can manage to provide power to you IP camera via a power adopter then you can connect IP camera to the network using a non PoE cable.

So these were methods for connection. Choose any of your choice, and let’s move to the next step.

Step 2: Camera’s IP Address

IP address is the logical address of the device (in our case its camera) to send/receive data. is the default IP address by factory, of each IP camera. But it’s not permanent. IP address changes every time it connects to the network due to DHCP activation. DHCP allows router device to assign a new IP address to the device (camera). It is necessary in case of more than one devices with same IP.

Now open your web browser and type (default) IP address in the address bar. A login page will open. If no page open and you just receive an error page.

view IP Camera from Web browser

In this case, click on the “Advanced” button. Some extra details will open in which there will be a button, highlighting “proceed unsafe)”. Just click on it. (Don’t worry it’s not that unsafe). If you still can’t proceed or did not receive any proceeding option like above then see details in next step.

Step 3: Configuration

You must have a software CD along with the camera device in packaging box, when you purchased camera. This CD contains general information and configuration tools to access camera’s IP etc. Run this CD in your computer. You’ll be asked to agree with user agreement and sort of stuff upon running the software. Just fill out necessary things and open it.

Once it open, it will start scanning network for IP cameras. If not, click Refresh button. Still not appearing? Ok! Don’t worry. Open command prompt by typing cmd in search space of your computer. Type ipconfig and locate your system’s IP address in results. It will also show router’s IP under Default gateway.

Now get back to the software and click Settings button. A new window will appear showing some details like follows.

Camera Configuration

Change the default settings by following:

  • Uncheck Broadcast
  • Check Search by IP domain
  • Enter your router IP in Start IP

Something like following will appear on your screen.

Changed Configuration

Just click OK button. Now it will show the IP of your camera in the IP list page of software.

Step 4: Accessing IP camera using web browser

Google chrome is recommended to use for this. But no problem if you have any other web browser. If camera’s Subnet and Gateway are matching with your computer’s Subnet and Gateway then an “e” sign will appear in the device list. And browser should also showing the login screen. Login with your credentials. Default user name is “admin” and the default password is also “admin”. And you’re done!

Step 5: Changing Camera’s IP

If you still can’t access webpage due to incorrect IP of camera then there must be “gear” icon along with “e” sign in IP list page of software. Just click on that. A new window will open showing many tabs. Just click on NET tab. As you’re going to change just IP so make sure that the Subnet mas and Gateway addresses are same as with in step 3. Make changes that you want and click “save” when you’re done. Simply return to Step 4, enter login credentials and Enjoy!

It’s advised to make sure the physical placement of camera and other settings before accessing it via web browser.

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