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Learn How to integrate Facebook to your Website or Blog – 6 Free Plugins

Integrating Facebook to your website or blog can be very beneficial in many ways. It helps you to boost up your business and make your website available to mass. Facebook has given facilities like Facebook Ad manager to boost up your business.

integrate Facebook to your Website

Facebook provides many free plugins that you can integrate on your website to make use of it. You, as a website owner may want to know why Facebook plugins are so important for you.  Here is the answer

  • Every website and blog needs traffic. It significantly increases traffic diversion from Facebook to your blog.
  • If your website is providing some kind of service then Facebook can be the most efficient mean to get customers.
  • Same case with product based websites. You can target your expected customers which are on Facebook.

6 Most Useful Plugins to integrate Facebook to your Website

Here I’ll discus about the 6 most useful Facebook plugins that are totally free of cost. Let’s start with the Like button you often see on many blogs.

1) Share on Facebook button

You often see a share on Facebook button while reading a blog post. It lets the reader to share it to on his timeline with a link back to your website. It means everyone who’ll see that post and want to read it, will be a new visitor to your website. It’s a direct and efficient way to increase your website’s traffic in no time. You should to put a unique and appealing title of your blog post because the title is part which will be highlighted on shared post.

2) Send Button

Send button is actually the same as share button with only one difference that the post will be sent to inbox of the target account as a message. Though it is not as efficient as above plugin but, you know people usually ignore what they see as a public post and pay attention what they receive as a message.

It means the one who’ll receive such message, surely be a visitor of your website. So I recommend this plugin too.

3) Facebook Comments

This plugin allows users to comment on your blog posts using their Facebook id. It will be the same as they are commenting on a Facebook posts. People love commenting you know. If you facilitate them which such a facility they’ll be addicted to visit your posts. And the extra benefit is that you can get feedback from people and improve your blog posts and services accordingly.

MyBrowserUpdates let you comment on any blog post via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ etc.

4) Recommendations

It’s another great way to get traffic for posts on your website. This plugin lets you give suggestions to your visitors about other contents available on your site. These suggestions are ofcourse according to what they like on your website. The information about a visitor’s taste is collected and compiled by this plugin by analyzing what they visit the most on your website.

5) Login Button

If a Facebook user signup for your website then this Login button lets you show the profile images of user’s friends that already have signed up. This is very helpful to form a community the users who have signed up for your website via their Facebook accounts.

6) Registration

This is the easy-signup facility for visitors to sign up to your website via Facebook accounts. This requires a user to provide some basic information about them. If they have logged in to their Facebook account on same browser then these information spaces will appear as prefilled and they just need to confirm it and then submit.

It is highly useful specifically recommended for those sites which requires a sign up. Many people avoid those sites which requires a sign up (no matter how easy sign up criteria you’ve set). So signing up via Facebook with everything prefilled attracts users the most. In this it’s an indirect way to divert traffic to your site and a direct way to for users’ communities (i.e. those who’ve signed up via Facebook) and share community based contents to such users.


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