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HTTP 400 Bad Request Error | Learn how to Fix It

Let me first explain why you experience this HTTP 400 Bad Request Error. When a webserver discovers the data transmission to a specific address (client’s IP address) is malfunctioned. And how come the server guess this, by checking transmission parameters according to the HTTP protocols. It usually occurs due to malware and spyware programs which initiate unusual traffic between our computer and some other network.

HTTP 400 Bad Request Error

Another reason of HTTP 400 Bad Request Error different types of web proxies. We keep trying different proxies and the proxy servers change our Domain name servers (DNS) to different locations in order to access blocked sites/contents. As a result webservers sometime detect unusual data traffic to some particular IP and block it. Before going to the solution let’s learn what happen when you try to open a website/webpage.

HTTP Working Cycle

  1. First of all the site URL. e.g. mybrowserupdates.com is converted to an IP address by DNSs.
  2. IP socket connection is opened to that IP address.
  3. HTTP data stream starts being written by that socket.
  4. HTTP data stream is received back from web server containing status codes with determined values by the HTTP protocol. This data stream is parsed for status codes and other necessary information.

Now let’s learn some basic and handy tips to tackle this HTTP 400 Bad Request Error.

How to Fix HTTP 400 Bad Request Error

Unlike HTTP 404 Error or HTTP 500 Error, this is just a low level client side error. So you don’t have to worry about it at all. 95% chances of this error is just a minor misbehavior of your device. If you know following tips, you can solve it within seconds. Let’s discuss some causes, cases and respective solutions.

  • i) Protect your Device

You might be thinking how to and from who you need to protect device. There are many different kinds of malware and spyware programs that randomly get installed in our computers and may cause different types of issues. These programs are biggest cause of this HTTP 400 Bad Request Error. Some spyware programs are specifically designed to access data in the primary storage of victim’s device. And you could be that victim if you’re not just a common user and many people know this.

Example:  Let suppose some of your friend or anyone else who knows you wants to access your data. If he’s quite good in such things then he’ll send you an unfamiliar link via email or message.  With a nice message to click it to get a new offer somewhere you interested. You opened that link but it was just nothing. A blank webpage or something you don’t find interesting. You just close it and forget. But actually you just welcomed a pretty nice spyware program into your device. It started functioning as soon it gets installed into your device. You don’t even know but your personal data starts transferring to somewhere else (if you’re connected to internet). Now you open web browser and start searching something. Webserver gets confused what’s going on, because there is another traffic between your device and some other network along with your request. It blocked your access to site and you see HTTP 400 Bad Request Error.

Solution: I’m not specifically saying that this is happening with all of you. This is just an example that something like that can also cause this HTTP 400 Bad Request Error. Now the solution is, install some good antispyware software and make routine to scan your device at least one time in a week. You scan your computer means your security guard (antispyware) program will detect this spyware and will remove it from your device. So there will be no unusual data traffic and hence no HTTP 400 Bad Request Error.

  • ii) Stable your Internet Connection

Sometimes when we keep switching between different internet connections, this error can appear. You Internet service provider (ISP) may have some issues like configuration problems or different kinds of proxies etc. So not just your device, it’s your ISP also that can be a cause of this error. If you think you’re having unusual internet issues very often then you need to change ISP and switch to some other having a good reputation.

  • iii) More often on Long URLs?

If you sure that your device is pretty secure and ISP is working just fine, then you need to see if this error is just appearing on long URLs? Or on everything you try to load. Because sometimes web servers face some temporary problems in loading long URLs. And there could be many reasons of that. In this case the very first thing you should do is to try reloading your webpage. If it keep showing HTTP 400 Bad Request Error for that URL then contact to respective website and mention your problem. They will surely assist you with an alternate.

  • iv) Try deleting Cache and Cookies data

If you have none of the above issue then clear your cache and cookies data save in your browser. Because some time it also be a cause of different web errors (though not usually for 400).

  • v) Constantly Getting 400 error on a specific website?

If this is your case then it means you’re blocked by that website to access their contents. Most common reason of being blocked is unusual data traffic which we’ve explained in section i). I can’t be sure about the solution of this specific issue but still have a nice suggestion. Try contacting to that website using a different device. Explain them your issue and clear your position. They may assist you.

SO these were most common cases and their respective solution in regards HTTP 400 Bad Request Error. I hope you got your issues solved.

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