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How to Use Tor on Android Phones | Tor for Android

How to Use Tor on Android: When privacy and anonymity become priority, the only name which blink in our mind is TOR Browser. How to Use Tor on Android is also a hot question query in today’s era of Smartphones. After the successful experience of Tor browser for PC, it was also made available for other operating systems including Android for Smartphones.

Updates Tor Browser

There is a long list of browsers for Android Phone that are freely available in Google Play Store. Ply Store also contains secure browser for android, but when we need a highly secure environment, then there is no better option than Tor for android, which is also known as Tor Onion Browser.

How to Use Tor on Android – Installing Tor Browser for Android


These are requirements in order to install Tor for android. Make sure you fulfill them.

  • Your Android device should be rooted.
  • You’ve allowed app installation from unknown sources.

Now you need to install three apps which are primarily needed for Tor functioning in Android. Let’s discuss the procedure in steps, for better understanding.

Step 1: Install OrWall in Android

It is kind of a firewall which will enable the applications in your Android phone (selected ones) to use Tor network for transmission and reception of data. The app list that will use Tor network can be seen in following image.

If an app is nor found compatible with Tor network then its communication will be blocked. Means OrWall won’t let any type of communication to/from your Android device without using Tor network. You can Download .apk file of OrWall for free as it’s not available in Play Store.

Install OrWall

It’s advised to reboot your phone after installation of OrWall. You can make your choices for selecting different apps that will use Tor network.

Step 2: Then Install Orbot in your Smartphone

Orbot act as a gateway between your Android device and Tor network. It makes the communication possible between two different standards i.e. between your device and Tor network. You can Download .apk file of Orbot app and install it in your rooted Android device. Following image shows a graphical representation how Orbot will look like after installation.

Install Orbot

Note: Both the OrWall and Orbot should be successfully installed in your Android device to initiate a secure connection of your Android device’s applications with Tor network.

You need to complete a setup wizard upon 1st time opening of Orbot app. Afterward you’ll just need to press and hold the yellow power button (see above fig) to initiate a connection with Tor network.

It is not advised to stay at one IP address for long time. You whenever you want to switch to another IP, simply swipe across the screen.

Step 3: Finally Install Orweb in your Mobile

So, until now, you have bounded your apps to connect to the web through Tor network (via OrWall) and have a gateway to connect your Android device to the Tornetwork (via Orbot). Guess what is missing for starting web surfing using Tor network? O yes, it’s a browser’s user interface that you need now. It is the Orweb which lets you surf web via Tor network.  You can Download .apk file of Orweb and install it in your Android device as 3rd party software.

It does not require any kind of setup. Just open Orweb app and let it make a secure connection with Tor network. You’ll be notified as soon as it makes a successful connection with Tor network. You can start surfing right after a “success message”.

Install Orweb

Many people complain that their internet speed gets slow down if they use Tor. Answer to this, YES, Tor slows down your speed because it has to connect through multiple nodes on International Tor servers to make you untraceable. Enjoying such a high-level security costs you only a bit slowdown of your browsing speed. Yes, you can manage that!

There is no setup required to begin using Orweb—just open the app and wait for the homepage to display a “success” message letting you know that it has been connected to the Tor network

Are you Really Fully Secure on Tor for Android?

This is the most important thing that you need to understand. If by “online security” you mean accessing blocked contents and other stuff without revealing who you are and what is your location then yes, you’re secure.

But if you’re thinking that by using Tor network you can play with government agencies, do whatever you want, no one can trace… bla bla bla. then you the you’re wrong. Remember always, whenever there is sometime ONLINE, there are always more than one ways to get it. You may know about NSA’s scandals in past months telling that no one’s data is 100% secure when it’s on web.


So, this was the guide which briefly explains how to use Tor browser on Android devices. All you need to do is to install three applications on your rooted Android phone in order to start surfing over Tor network. I tried to make it as simple and easily understandable as for a layman, so that each one of the readers could learn it precisely. Hope it was helpful for you.


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