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How to Protect Browser History from Selling – A Complete Guide

A big question is raised How to protect browser history, after recent permission to ISPs to sell user’s web browser history. The permission that was actually granted by congress is being criticized by many. Previous rulings by Federal Communication Commission (FCC) regarding internet user’s privacy protection is totally banned.  But the need of hour is how to tackle it?

How to Protect Browser History?

As they say, there is no problem without a solution, so this history problem definitely have solution. Luckily there are multiple solution, here i’ve compiled some of them. You can use either of them to counter this issue. Choose any and be safe!

i) Use VPN (Paid one)

Working of VPN in simple words is it redirects internet traffic. Some good VPNs even encrypts your data for more security. Information and data that you send over internet is encrypted using some code. Information is automatically decrypted at other end. Using VPN can successfully tackle the issue of protecting web history. But it has a limitation of slowing down internet speed. Those who don’t have slow internet connection should avoid this and look down to other methods.

ii) Use Different ISP

What if I tell you not all of the ISPs want to sell your history? There are some ISPs including Sonic, Etheric Networks and Cruzio Internet are actually against the ban of FCC’s regulations. So obviously they won’t be so mean to sell you browser history. Using one of these ISPs can be a best option to the question of how to protect browser history.

iii) Use Tor Browser

Tor Browser actually hides your online location and internet traffic from tracking. It actually creates a series of layers in your internet traffic route. So anyone who will try to spot you won’t be successful. Since your traffic will be coming form an “unknown” source so your ISP won’t be able to save your web history. This is also a good option, and a good answer to how to protect browser history.

I think you don’t need to search how to protect browser history any more. You can choose either of above mentioned options to solve this issue. Enjoy!

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