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How to Install WordPress – Learn to Install WP Mannually & from cPannel

How to Install WordPress: WordPress is famous CMS platform for building websites and blogs. More than 30% of world’s websites are powered by WordPress. Once you have bought hosting, I recommend buying starter package of Premium Hosting for basic website as well as blog.

There are two Methods of Installing WP

  1. The better option is installing directly from cPanel.
  2. Install manually: I have also never tried manual process, sharing for knowledge.

WordPress Installation: From cPanel

Installation of WP from cPanel is baby’s task, all you have to do it. Login to your cpanel account (provided by hosting supplier – they will properly configure your dns on buying domain and hosting from single supplier otherwise you would need to add DNS (hosting company’s) in your domain setting (domain provider account.

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“You can buy hosting & domain from hostOsite. They offer free wordpress setup & domain with all hosting packages.”

  1. Login to cPanel
  2. Go to Softaculous
  3. Click on WordPress
  4. Check basic setting (by default it will be yoursite.com/wp
  5. Remove WP
  6. Add user name password & email
  7. I recommend you to set limit login (avoid hacking attemps)
  8. Once it is installed, you will get two URLS, the first is your installed wordpress and the second one is your login url.
  9. Simply go to login url and start making your site or blog.

WordPress Installation: Manual Process

  • download WordPress files from the wordpress.org website.
  • Create the database from the host configuration panel
  • Transfer the wp files (downloaded first) to the main host folder
  • go to your site (eg www.hostOsite.com) you will find yourself facing the very simple wordpress installation procedure. Follow it, fill in the various fields and at the end you will find the site working!
  • Configuration and use

I have installed WordPress, now what to do?

  • Publish content: pages and articles with images, videos and more.
  • Go to the “Settings” section and check that all configurations meet your needs
  • From “Appearance” choose the template you like most of the thousands available for free.
  • Useful resource for the template: If you do not have special needs, there are thousands of free WP themes available on https://wordpress.org/themes/

Suggestions after installation

  • I suggest you choose the template AFTER publishing minimum 1 page or post. Actually doing this, will help you to see the result effectively (without the content it is difficult to test the template well).
  • Install the plugins you need to have all the features you need: contact forms, SEO optimization plugin, image galleries, etc.
  • Properly implement social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • if you have to create a business site, a site for a trader, an ecommerce, in short, a professional type ready to pick up new customers and sell. My sincere advice is to invest a few dollars and buy a professional template or hire a developer to make customized & defined.
  • Did you like it? If you have any doubts, you can use the comments below. If you share it to your social profile, I’ll be happy.
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