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8 Highly Effective Tips to Get More Likes on Facebook Page in Short Time

Increase Likes on Facebook Page: I never came across a person so far who’d have said he doesn’t use Facebook. This shows the extraordinary popularity of Facebook in today’s world. Everyone have different intentions to use Facebook. Most of use it stay connected with friends and family. Some people use it for entertainment and knowledge.

how to get more likes on facebook page

While some others provide this entertainment and knowledge by making Facebook pages and groups. This guide is for those Admins of FB pages who are looking for ways to get more and more likes and post reaches in less time.

How to Get More Likes on Facebook –  Tips & Tricks

While searching about methods to get FACEBOOK Page likes I found that many of these methods are not that useful as they claimed to be. There are only a few methods that actually work and give good results. Now you don’t need to buy Facebook likes, or look here and there for FB AutoLiker and free Facebook likes to once again be a prey of fake advertisements.

Because today, after collecting a list of such methods and tips, I only selected a few of them which you’re going to read in a while. This brief guide consists only those selected methods which are really helpful in getting maximum likes for your Facebook page in short time. I hope you’ll find it useful.

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Tip 1: Tag and Retag Active Users

Well, this method requires you to examine your followers. Don’t forget to tag those who are really active and responsive to your posts. Believe me, being tagged by a famous page is really encouraging for many profiles. You can make them your brand ambassador by such encouragements.

Tag and Retag

Also, that profile will become more active on your posts. It will be beneficial in many ways. Like, if you tag a profile then your post will appear in that profile’s timeline (if he has not set any privacy restriction). So, his friends and follower would see your post as well. It will increase your post reach, so does page likes.

What is Retagging?

Retagging is the concept of removing old tags and put new tags on same post/image/video. This strategy works very well in increasing your post reaches. It’s a win/win situation unless old tags notice this and decide to unlike you page. But normally it doesn’t happen though, because no one notice this trick.

Tip 2: Post Informative and Entertaining Content

As I mentioned above, there is a sound percentage of Facebook users who only interested in something entertaining and interesting. So, if you want your post to reach more and more people, you should make it interesting and unique.

content is king

It does not mean you should struggle hard to find unique stuff. Even if you have ordinary stuff still you can make it interesting by your presenting method. It only depends on how you present. A well written post and a nice caption of photos and videos can make your post go viral on FB. Try it!

Tip 3: Put a better Impression on Visitors

Many people first decide to visit an Fb page before liking. If you can inspire them by putting a better impression of your page, you’ll be market king. There is a “About” section. Always fill this section with relevant information that attract visitors.

good impression

Other thing you should focus on is your profile and cover images. Setting up a random and temporary image will put a negative impact on new visitors. Always put high quality images. Your profile and cover images should be a kind of an introduction of your page. You can also change the color, stylish theme and other designs of your Facebook Page Layout to make it look better.

Tip 4: Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook Ad Campaign

FB also gives you chance to significantly promote your page. You can run an Ad Campaign to boost you’re your page or any of the post of your page. In my personal opinion, running ad campaign for a specific post sometimes get more likes for page instead of generally running ad campaign for page boosting. If you’ve post which is performing really best then spending some $ to boost it up is not a bad deal.

Tip 5: Traffic Diversion from other Pages/Profiles

Traffic Diversion

Cooperation with other pages and profiles having same niche can also give a huge boost to your page. Find ways to contact and convince pages having more likes to share your posts and mention you. For example, if you know a page admin having 1 million likes on his page, then you can request or make a deal with him to share your posts. By doing so, you can drive his traffic to your page. This is also a sound way to increase likes for your page.

Tip 6: Let People Know about your Facebook Page

making popular facebook page

Another good tip is to make you page visible to masses. If you’ve a website then attack your page’s plugin on it. Also attach your page’s link to the email signature and in newsletters. Promote your page via other social media sites by direct sharing contents from your page. There are many other methods as well that you can use to make your page available to mass.

Tip 7: Stay on Same Niche

Stay on Same Niche

Let’s say your page is about entertainment. Then always post the stuff that will entertain your followers. This will gradually pull likeminded people to your page. If your post contradictory stuff, such as sometimes you post funny jokes while some other time you post horrible accident videos then it will end up minimizing your page’s popularity. Why? Because people were not expecting such stuff from you.

Do wait and stay silent if you’ve nothing to post but don’t post other than your niche.

Tip 8: Show Good Behavior and be Responsive

Last but not least, the thing which matters most is your behavior to your followers. Always accept both positive and negative feedback form your followers. Sometime people become too rude in comments or in chat. Don’t response in the same tone. Your good behavior can build a positive reputation of your page.

be Responsive

If someone is actually getting out of control then simply use block option. Don’t initiate a fight in your comment box. Don’t take any side when two people arguing in your comment box.as being a page admin, you should never be one sided.

Your behavior matters the most if your page is about some kind of business or you’re selling online products. Your sweet words are the best business strategy to get maximum customers for your products. Be gentle, be successful!

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