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6 Signs Your Smartphone or iPhone Has Been Hacked

This guide will help you to figure out if your phone like Smartphone, Tablet or iPhone is hacked. Considering the interest of users about the privacy and security of Smartphones, I’ve decided to compile all of the possible cause that can lead to phone hacking.

can someone hack my phone

There are many new techniques and ways of smartphone hacking emerging with the rapid growth of technology. Same goes for web browsers. So you must Identify and fix your web browser hijacking. However, here I collected the general categories and causes and respective solutions so that the user could counter hacking attacks. I’m sure you’ll find it beneficial.

Before it was a time when the shocking news spread that the government and other agencies can actually penetrate into our PCs and smartphones. But with the passage of time everyone started taking it normally, pondering that “why would someone hack into my PC of phone”. But actually it is true to some extent.

People and agencies do hack other’s devices and data. But as far as government concerned, govt. agencies follow respective rules and regulations regarding this. As before 2017, FCC’s regulations regarding privacy were in a lot favor of internet user.

But these regulations were challenged in congress and a bill was recently passed that allows ISPs to sell user’s browsing history. I wrote a brief guide which discusses the simple methods to protect your privacy from being sold.

However, despite of Govt. and its agencies, there are other people and private hackers that can hack your PCs and smart phone. These are your real enemies because they don’t have any rule and regulation.

Stop your phone from being Hacked

Find if Your Phone is Hacked, and Stop it from being Hacked

I will try to make it as brief as I can, but as its covers all of the main causes and ways of hacking with solution so it may become a bit lengthy. Don’t worry, its all in your favor! So, let’s start.

Cause 1: By Text Message

You might have observed that sometimes you receive random text messages with a suspicious link. These messages are usually about some very useful app, cheap products, movie ticket or something like that. Mostly you just ignore it because you smell something fake in this.

Well, that’s a very good thing that you ignore it because it might be something that can lead to compromise on your phone’s privacy. Let’s say you get inspired by the message text and decide to see what it actually is, so you tap that link which opens an unknown webpage.

You wait for some time, nothing appeared as you were promised in message text so you just close it and forget it. But actually, you’ve opened a backdoor to let that person enter into your smartphone. The time when you opened that link was the time when you smashed your phone’s privacy.

How to avoid this?

  • Don’t ever open any strange link even if you receive it from your friend. It is possible that he also doesn’t know what it actually is. So, he forwarded it to you to check.
  • If you accidently clicked on any such link which ended up installing an application in your phone. Uninstall the app and scan your phone immediately.

Cause 2: Unknown Apps

Now it is not that hard to find apps that can track location and read data from your phone. If you’re working in an office and your boss is really strict. He might want to know what you are doing on your PC. Even it’s possible to remotely access CCTV camera from web browser placed in your office. Your boss my also run an applet in your web browser to know what you’re doing. Same goes with your phone.

How to avoid this?

  • Don’t ever let anyone to access your phone and PC. Especially your colleagues and boss.
  • Always check the apps that are installed in your phone. If you find some unknown app, uninstall it ASAP.
  • It’s very easy to hide apps in jailbroken devices. So don’t jailbreak your phone.
  • Always scan your Phone with a good anti malware software.


Cause 3: Signaling System no. 7 (SS7) vulnerability

  • You may be thinking what this SS7 thing is. It is actually a telecommunication standard and protocol for global system of mobile communication (GSM). Many years ago, it was discovered that the SS7 protocol has some kind of vulnerability for hackers that can lead to expose your text messages, phone calls and location.

As these things along with your mobile, are linked to email and bank accounts. So, it may possible that the security and privacy of your email and bank accounts also get compromised. If you’re a celebrity, political leader and some other kind of well knows personality then you must take into account this issue.

As this is the vulnerability in main network, not in your phone or computer. So, you can’t trouble shoot the problem. See below what you can do to counter this.

How to avoid this?

  • Always use an encrypted chat app for texting.
  • Don’t save your email and bank account details in your phone. Always use Tor browser for secure communication. It is web browser which divide your route and reach destination using multiple nodes so your location and data remain untraceable.

Cause 4: Unauthorized access to Google and iCloud accounts

Any illegal access to your Google or iCloud account can expose your photos, phonebook contacts, call log and messages to the hacker.

Sometimes people save their bank account details, email passwords and browser and app login accounts in iCloud in order to access them in case they forget. Exposing your iCloud account to anyone means you’re going to loss these all information.

Any illegal access to your primary email inbox means you’re going to loss every account linked to this email, such as Facebook, YouTube, Insta etc.

How to avoid this?

  • Always choose strong and unique passwords for these accounts.
  • Always use a two-step password verification i.e. login confirmation through text message.
  • Set a wrong answer for password security question. Why? Because the person who actually trying to hack your account may have done some homework about you. He must know what’s the correct name of your youngest bro. setting a wrong answer would secure your account.

Cause 5: Via Wi-Fi network

Password free Wi-Fi networks are truly vulnerable to expose the data that is being sent of received through that network. So, try to avoid connecting your phone with public Wi-Fi network. Eavesdroppers always eager to get into phones connected to such public Wi-Fi networks due to their vulnerability.

How to avoid this?

  • Always use secure and private Wi-Fi network.
  • Even if you have to use public Wi-Fi network then use secure web browser for android and encrypted chat app.
  • Or you better use a VPN to secure your communication.
  • Try to avoid entering any kind of login details when you’re on a public network.


Cause 6: StingRay and Other Fake BTS towers

Sometimes Govt. agencies such FBI establish fake Base Transceiver substations (BTS) in high tension areas. It forcefully causes all the cellular devices in its range to drop existing connections and connect to this StringRay. Once a cellular device connects to StringRay, all the communication through this device will be visible to FBI. It means zero privacy. Usually its range is about 1km in all direction.

How to avoid this?

  • Always use encrypted messaging and call aps when you’re in a situation where a StringRay tower is active.
  • The thing is what FBI and other agencies can do in legal way i.e. penetrate into privacy, the hackers can do the same using multiple illegal ways. You can’t take any legal action against hackers unless you know his/her identity.

So, you must have to make your phone safe and secure by yourself. It’s all up to you whether you use encrypted chat apps, VPNs or other means of this kind.

So, these were the main things causes your phone to get hacked, and simple ways to avoid these issues. If you follow these tips, I hope you’d not get hacked. I’m not giving any guarantee, but let do our best to make us safe from any potential breach. I would be pleased to see some words from you in below comment box. Best of luck!

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