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7 Unique Tips to Get Maximum YouTube Subscribers in No Time

Are you a YouTuber and looking for ways to get maximum subscribers to your channel? This guide is going to help you a lot if this is your case. A subscriber to your channel is the other YouTube profile who choose to follow your channel.

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Whenever you’ll post a new video, your subscribers will automatically get this in their suggestions. More subscriber means you’ll get more views to your videos. As the Google has decided to block its ads on YouTube channels which have less than 10K viewers. So, it became kind of hard for small channels to earn from YouTube.

These channels must have to increase their subscribers and viewers if they want to make some bucks out of YouTube. Keeping this problem of “channels with less subscribers” in mind, I decided to compile a short guide about the simple methods to increase YouTube subscribers.

 Simple Tips and Methods to Increase YouTube Subscribers

These following tips will help you to reach the minimum limit of 1000 subscriber in short time so that you enjoy live streaming on YouTube.

Tip 1: Bring Up Something Unique

Your video’s content is the primary thing that help you in getting ranked up in YouTube. Quality doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot money in creating a good video. Even if you’re addressing a simple thing, your presentation way will decide the quality of your work.

For example, if you’ve short tutorial type videos about any software, you can make them unique by improving the way you’ve explained things. Always take you to the layman level while explaining in a tutorial.

If you really know ow to explain things to a layman then surely viewers will prefer tutorials. Same goes with other videos. Present your work in a way how people want to see and listen it. This the key of success for a YouTuber!

Tip 2: Title and Names of you YouTube videos

Though it doesn’t seem so but this is actually something that has direct impact on your channel’s rating. Yes, the title and names of your videos. I saw many YouTubers having actually very unique and excellent stuff but complaining about less popularity of their vids.

The reason is they don’t know who to properly name their videos. As they say first impression is last impression, people always choose to watch videos with unique title and thumbnail. No one gonna watch a video with a casual name. for example (let’s say) you’ve a very unique and rare video about John Cena and Undertaker’s fight and you just name it as “A wrestling match”, then the result is obvious.

There is already bundle of stuff about wrestling in YouTube. No one pay attention on your video considering it a simple wrestling match. On the other hand, if you name it as, “Most deadly fight between John Cena and Undertaker – First time on YouTube”. Then surely, you’ll be able to catch people’s attention. So, as result, people will watch it, will find it interesting and share it, so obviously, you gonna get more and more views and so subscribers.

Tip 3: Invite viewers to Subscribe

Directly asking your viewers to subscribe your channel is also very beneficial. Especially when you’ve interesting and unique videos. You can add a subscribe button in your video and then simply overlay it directly to your channel’s subscription link. It will act as kind of an encouragement for viewers to subscribe your channel.

If you’ve really nice stuff then viewers will surely want to see more from you. Giving them this shortcut way to subscribe is something that viewers will surely prefer. Another method is to add a “speech bubble annotation”.

But this voice bubble annotation sometimes sounds as an interruption and put a negative impact on viewer. So, I personally recommend using Subscribe button instead of speech bubble.

Tip 4: Design your channel attractively

Ok, a viewer found your video really nice so he decides to visit your channel. Now, the look of your channel is something that will earn another plus point for you. A nice look of your channel can convince viewers to subscribe it. Make it unique!

Tip 5: Interact with your viewers

People always choose to comment on those videos which they like or dislike most. Appreciation and encouragement for god stuff and mocking and discouragement for videos they don’t like. Take this feedback into account.

No matter positive or negative. Always response and leave appreciating replies to these comments. If someone disliked your video and leave a discouraging comment, then don’t insult him back or ask him to get out. Sometimes viewers complain about extra suggestion and ask you to Remove YouTube “Next Video” End Cards.  Act accordingly).

Always welcome a feed backer and promise to provide better stuff next time. This the trick to earn more and more public support. An indirect but important way to get your channel ranked up.

Tip 6: Add Featured Channels

If you know some other channels working on similar stuff as yours, then you can use option to add featured channels on your channel’s YouTube page. Adding featured channels of similar niche can also divert some new viewers to your channel.

Tip 7: Channel Trailer – A Hidden Secret

Last but not least, create a perfect trailer what your channel is about. I’m sure I don’t need to explain the importance of a trailer. Not matter of what. A trailer is a perfect introduction what you’re up to. Create a unique trailer for your channel.

Also give an introductory touch to what you’re bringing next. This will create an eagerness feeling. A good trailer can promise to you to get more and more subscribers for your channel. Don’t stretch it longer than 80-90 seconds. And don’t forget to give your review here.

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