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Collect Free Coins, Spins, Cheats & Tips for Social Games

There are some websites providing latest cheats, free coins, spins & tips for different social games. These social games can be played on Facebook. Mobile for Android, iOS, and Windows. Play on Facebook!

What are Social Games

Social games are the games that connect people online, and people can play with each other using any social platform, like social media platforms. So, Social gaming most commonly refers to playing online games that allow or require social interaction between players, as opposed to playing games in solitude.

Mostly, these games are played on Facebook due to its popularity in social media. These games may include games types like card games, board games, role play games, slot games, and casino games.

What are the Platforms?

Although all these social games have their own official websites, but these games could also be played on any social media platform. For instance, if you want to play Slotomania Slot Machine game, you can either visit their official website [www.slotomania.com] or visit social game such as apps.facebook.com/slotomania.

Players can also download apps related to these social games from Amazon, Google Play Store or Apple Store. And then install these games to play online connecting them with any of their social account like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

How to Collect Free Coins, Chips and Spins?

These social games required some incentives to keep on playing them. For instance, if you want to play DoubleU Casino, you would need chips and coins. These chips and coins could only be attain with consistent winning, or you can purchase them.

However, there are some online portals like https://revholics.com, that provide the service of collecting free coins, chips, spins and more. You can also get some valuable and working cheats, tricks and tips on this very website. Moreover, this and the like of this websites also provide latest updates and news on these games so that players are kept on updated on what they’re playing.


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