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How do I Fix iPhone Missing APN Settings after iOS Update Issue | Simple Reply

We often experience or here that the iPhone has lost APN settings after iOS update. Before going to the solution let me explain what this APN thing is. Access Point Name (APN) is actually path of network for data traffic. It is the Gateway between GSM (Global system for mobile communication) and other computer networks. You mobile must be configured with APN in order to communicate. It depends on Network carrier if it allows you to view APN settings or keep them secret.

Missing APN Settings in iPhone after iOS Update

Fix iPhone Missing APN Settings after iOS Update Issue

Anyways, here we’re talking about iPhone and we all know that we can view and edit APN settings whenever we want. One more thing you need to remember that there can also be an issue with connectivity to the cellular network. So whenever you face some issue related to APN then first of all make sure your iPhone is connected to the cellular data network. I’ll cover both, issue of APN settings and possible issues with cellular network. Let me take you straight to the solution of this APN issue.

Trouble Shooting the Data Connection

At first you don’t know if something wrong has happened with your APN settings and your just can’t load any data, right? Here are some tips that you can try as trouble shooting this problem. Try these and see if your issue is solved already.

  • Go to “settings”, turn on Airplane mode. Then turn it back to off after a few seconds. And try loading data.
  • Have a check for Carrier Settings Update by going to Settings> General> About, and see if there is any update available for carrier settings. If so then install it and restart your iPhone, and try loading something.
  • Turn off your iPhone, remove sim card, reinsert it and turn on. Try loading something.
  • Contact your carrier and investigate if your iPhone is properly setup on account with a data plan. Also confirm is there is any account related data blockage. If so then ask them to solve the issue. Because these are the things that you can’t solve from your iPhone (as a user).
  • If you have an iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c, you must install the APN profile from the following website beforehand via a wireless LAN or other Internet connection.

None of above trouble shooting tips helped? Ok, it means there is something wrong with APN settings. Now we’ll see how to interact with APN settings.

Solving Problem with APN Settings

Let’s move with the process of APN settings. In order to view APN settings, go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Cellular Network. You’ll see something as follows:

Solving problem with APN settings

For manually changing these settings you need to tap on each button and enter respective details from your data carrier. One more thing, if there is any iOS update pending then first install this update. Because even if change APN settings, new iOS will save it back to default settings after update. So first of install pending updates and then alter the settings you’re seeing in above image. Normally you don’t actually have to change APN settings because the correct settings should’ve been saved automatically.

If you’ve entered wrong information then this might be the cause of problem. If this is your case then carefully read flowing paragraph.

Resetting APN Settings

If you’re using your iPhone in enterprise environment then you better contact to your IT manager to solve APN related issues. He must have setup some altered version of APN for you. You can also learn about it a bit more from iOS Enterprise Deployment Resources. However, this is just an exceptional case. In order to reset APN settings of you iPhone or iPad, you need to go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Network > Reset Settings. It will neglect all the changes you made and reset these APN settings to the default ones. All set!

So this was all about APN settings. What if it’s not the case and you actually have something wrong with cellular connectivity? It makes sense? Then read following!

Sorting out Cellular Network Problem

If you have some issues with cellular network then try following tips to sort it out:

  • Have a check of coverage area and see if your iPhone properly connected to cellular network.
  • Go to Settings > General > About and see if there is any update available for carrier settings. If so then install it and restart your iPhone.
  • Check for new available update of you iPhone. latest version of iOS.
  • If you’ve inserted new sim card then you first need to download settings for carrier from new carrier.
  • If you got a non-NTT DOCOMO device which is actually SIM locked then you first need to unlock it. You also need to set APN on this device.
  • If you’re traveling to some other country then you need to turn on international roaming from Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Data Roaming.


If you already have tried above tips and issue remain unsolved then you need to restoring your device. To learn more, don’t forget to visit our Tech Blogs. Wish you luck with that!

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