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12 Must have Firefox Add-ons for Developers of 2017

Must have Firefox Add-ons: Every web developer needs useful add-ons and other plugins to do his job in more efficient way. A web browser is the base, whether we’re working on developing, management projects, web designing or if we just surfing internet.

Top 12 Firefox Ads-On for Dev

Browser based web applications gave rise to improve web browser from different perspectives in order to do a specific job. As there are some Must-Have Extensions for web Browsers to assists a general user, in the same way there are Add-ons for web browsers which assist web developers.

You may already know about the  Best Browser for Web Developers. Google Chrome is generally considered as the good option to be used for web developing. But due to some issues like,  Flash Plugin Crashing in Chrome etc. in Chrome, many developers prefer Mozilla Firefox as the 2nd best browser for developing.

12 Best & Must Have Firefox Add-ons for Developers

No matter what browser you’re using, you need its respective Ad ones for web developing. In this guide, you’re going to learn about best Add-ons for Firefox browser. Mozilla has introduced a version of Firefox which is built specifically for web developers. It is generally known as Firefox Developer Edition. The Add-ons for Firefox browser which I’m going to discuss are generally work great on Firefox developer edition.

#1 Usersnap

This is a very useful Firefox Add-on which lets you capture or annotate any web page. Generally, the software engineers use it to track bugs in browser or for managing or collecting feedback on website prototype. You can create screenshots and save them directly to your project in this way you can discuss about changes or other issues with your teammates.

Download link: Usersnap

#2 Web Developer

The web developer Add-on is used to add different type of web developing tools in your Firefox browser. It gives many great features to web developers and most favorite one of maximum web developers who are working on Firefox. It enhances your work experience on Firefox by allowing you to use multiple developing tools at the same time. It assists developers with various CSS, image options and by giving access to the structure of page. This Add-on is mostly used in developing edition of Firefox, but it also works best on regular edition as well.

Download link: Web Developer

#3 User Agent Switcher

This Firefox Add-on allows web developers to switch the user agent of a browser. How this work? By adding new options to the Tools settings for switching to some other user agent.

Download link: User Agent Switcher

#4 Firebug

This is another famous and most widely used Firefox Add-on which provides an instant access to the multiple developing tools. You can do editing, debugging and monitoring of CSS, HTML and JS using Firebug Add-on.

The reason why it is so famous is due to its user friendly environment. It mostly works best on regular edition of Firefox browser.

Download link: Firebug

#5 HTTPFox

This is the HTTP analyzer for Firefox. It is used to monitor the incoming and outgoing HTTP traffic between the web browser and web servers. I recommend to have this too.

Download link: HTTPFox

#6 Ghostery

If you want to vie installed trackers, pixels or snippet on any website then you should use Ghostery Add-on for Firefox browser. Though it is available for other browsers as well but the one in Firefox is more widely used. It displays the trackers which are collecting data on any a web page. You can also block these trackers in case you don’t want your sessions to be tracked.

Download link: Ghostery

#7 ColorZilla

ColorZilla is another Firefox Add-on which is used pick colors and eyedroppers. Color of any pixel can be selected and used in browser window. Very simple and easy to use.

Download link: ColorZilla

#8 BuiltWith

The BuiltWith Add-on analyzes the website according to the software and technology which is used. It helps you in analyzing competitor’s website and also allows to check behind a webpage.

Download link: BuiltWith

#9 FireQuery

This Add-on actually enhances the working of Firebug for jQuery. It means you first have to install Firebug in your Firefox browser in order to utilize FireQuery.

Download link: FireQuery

#10 Modify Headers

As the name suggests, this Add-on allows a developer to modify HTTP request headers which are sent to web servers. Mostly, it is best for Mobile Web development HTTP testing. If you’re working on Mobile web developing then you must use it.

Download link: Modify Headers

#11 Advances Cookie Manager

If you’re also interested in managing and monitoring cookies then you should install this Add-on in your Firefox browser. A developer can add view, modify or delete cookies using this Add-on. It also support exporting and importing cookies.

Download link: Advances Cookie Manager

#12 YSlow

This Add-on actually analyzes the performance of different webpages according to some parameters. It also gives suggestions to improve the performance of a web page as well. It runs in Firebug’s environment so you’ve to first install Firebug if you’re interested in using YSlow Add-on in Firefox browser.

Download link: YSlow


These are some of the most commonly used and famous Add-ons for web developers and designers in Firefox browser. Though, the importance and usefulness of an Add-on depends on the work focus of a developer.

Preference varies from developer to developer. You may not found many of above mentioned Add-ons useful for you, but at the same time they are most useful for many other developers. Considering this, I decided to compile a list of most famous and widely used Add-ons for web developers, for Firefox web browser. Hope you enjoyed reading that.

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