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How to Speed Up Browsing with Slow Internet Connection – [Fixed]

How to Speed Up Browsing: Sometimes, especially in harsh wireless conditions, internet speed become so dead. So, the question arises how to browse faster with low internet connection in such conditions. Normally, in bad connection situations we prefer browsing using smartphones. Choosing an exclusive browser for Android is also a very good option in such conditions.

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For PC, I recommend you to use best web browse for PC. But the slow internet connections requires you to follow some tips and trick to make an efficient use of internet. This guide covers all of the tips and tricks that you can try in slow internet conditions to get most of it. First, let’s see what you do to avoid user end causes of slow internet connection.

How to Speed Up Browsing or the Slow Internet Connection

A) Troubleshooting

First of all you need to make sure if the problem is just with your internet or others are also facing the same. You can try restarting your router device and by checking webpage loading speed on other computers in your home. If the problem is with hardware then you better know what to do, call your IT expert or whatever you prefer.

B) Check your Wi-Fi Signals

So, after checking your router device you found its working fine and other PCs in your home as well. Now check, if your computer receiving Wi-Fi signals in good strength? What if you’re sitting a bit away from your router device? Try changing your location! Still nothing? OK, now trouble shoot your Wi-Fi network and see if it come up with an issue!

9 Tricks to Browse Fast with Slow Internet

Now let’s come to the tips and tricks that you can use to browse faster in slow internet connection.

#1: Bandwidth Controlling Ads and Plugins

If there is nothing wrong with your internet connection then open your web browser and look if any plugin or extensions are controlling your uplink and downlink data. Though the Anonymous proxies for your web browser are of great use but they can also be cause to reduce your speed to some extent. If you’ve have installed some proxies which are not currently in use then disable them for a while. It will significantly improve your internet speed.

Bandwidth hogging videos, ads and animations also appear on some websites. To counter this, you should install some good Ad blocking extensions. Have a look at must have extensions for your browser, you’ll find good Adblock extension over there.

#2: Optimize your Browser for Bad Internet Connection

Sometimes we just can’t figure out what is the reason of slow internet connection. In this case we have to compromise with slow speed and optimize our browser for according to the situation. If you need to send an urgent email then lucky you because Gmail and Yahoo also offer “loading basic mail” for slow internet connections. You can select this for instant loading. Other things that you can do are:

  • Use mobile version of websites
  • Load basic HTML in super bad internet speed
  • Disable images in website in order to load it fast
  • Use opera turbo (for faster loading)
  • Use Puffin browser for Smartphone in slow internet conditions

#3: Increase your Local Cache

You can make your web browser to save the graphics and CSS of the sites you often visit. Your web browser save these files in local cache, it means your browser don’t need to load these files every time you visit these files. So it’s recommended to increase the size of your browser’s local cache, it will definitely result in faster loading of webpages you often visit.

#4: Switch to Open DNS

Sometimes your internet service provider’s DNS server get slower. If you occasionally encounter slow net issue without any apparent reason then you should shift to open DNS server. It will solve your issue.

#5: Use Finch

Another good option to encounter slow speed issue is Finch. It can significantly reduce any website to a lighter weight version. This is really helpful especially when you’re travelling and facing slow net issue. You can load the basic contents of any website using Finch.

#6: Use Google Transcoder Service

It’s another great utility for slow internet connections. It splits the large webpages into small segments so your browser can easily load them on your PC.

#7: Use Text Browsers

Some web browser (usually known as text browsers) like Lynx or Elinks are also great to use in slow internet condition. These are specifically developed to load only HTML versions of websites. You can quickly load and make use of text based content of any website.

#8: Save your Web Activities Offline

During web surfing, you don’t always need an internet connection. For example, you load a blogging website and start reading a blog post. In this process, you only needed an internet connection during the loading of that webpage. When the page is already loaded then you don’t need to have internet connection as long as you’re reading a blog post. Because it is already loaded and temporarily saved in web browser.

In the same way you can move you activities for offline. Reading/writing a blog post, typing a longer email, saving a webpage for accessing it later etc. these are the most common things that you can save for offline accessing.

#9: Access Webpages via Email

Email is the service which use a very less bandwidth. So what if I tell you that you can access any webpage using your email? Yes, it is possible. You can use either Web In Mail or Email The Web to access webpages using your own email id. All you need to do is to write the webpage’s URL [e.g. mybrowserupdates.com] that you want to access in the subject field of email and then send. You’ll instantly receive the webpage in reply.


I hope you enjoyed reading that. This was a brief guide covering up all of the useful tips and tricks that you use during a slow internet connection. Slow internet connection is not something that is very unlikely to happen. Especially during bad wireless conditions, we can face a complete slowdown in the whole area.

These slow internet connection situation is most probable to occur in case of some problems in undersea fiber optic links. So, we must be aware for any worst-case scenario. We should always know how to make an efficient use of slow internet connection.

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