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Facebook to Hire 3,000 Employees to Review Posts Manually


Facebook to Add 3,000 Employees

Facebook has decided hire 3,000 experts to manually review posts with hate speech, crimes, and other harming posts.

CEO of Social Giant, Mark Zuckerberg has decided to hire 3,000 employees in addition to the 4,500 people already working in this capacity, just a week after the series of News of suicides like a man broadcast himself killing his baby daughter on the Facebook Live Streaming.

The decision to add more unites to help remove harmful posts is due to what Zackerberg thinks that Facebook must be more quick in response irrespective of how high quality its algorithms are to identify such a stuff.

If we’re going to build a safe community, we need to respond quickly,” Zuckerberg wrote in a post earlier today. “We’re working to make these videos easier to report so we can take the right action sooner — whether that’s responding quickly when someone needs help or taking a post down.

But the question is, that is this addition more than enough to counter such cases, when we know that the Company currently has close to 2 billion users, are “millions of reports” received every week according to Zuckerberg himself. However, CEO has a solution in his brilliant mind,

We’re going to make it simpler to report problems to us, faster for our reviewers to determine which posts violate our standards and easier for them to contact law enforcement if someone needs help. As these become available they should help make our community safer,” Zuckerberg said.

Let’s see if it works for Zuckerberg, but probably 3,00o are lucky enough whether they’re being hired as permanent employees of top ranked social network company, or on contract.

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