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Facebook Looks Boring? Change Facebook Page Layout with Stylish Themes, Colors, and Graphics

Facebook Page Layout: I recently came through some new tricks which are really good in changing Facebook layout, themes, colors etc. So I felt I must compile them to make a blog post that may be beneficial for you. Everybody love change! We often get bored with things that remain same for a bit longer time. As almost all of us social media users and Facebook is our favorite platform to get in touch with our friends, family and loved ones. So let’s start with the procedure!


Basic Requirements

You need Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser to in which you have login to your FB account. As most of us people use these two browsers, so these tricks and methods are specifically for these two.

Steps to Implement Changes

Procedure for Firefox is a bit different than Chrome. So I’ll discuss them separately. Let’s start with Firefox.

Method for Firefox

  • i) Open Firefox browser. You need to install Stylish Addon Install it by clicking/tapping this button.
  • ii) Now open your FB account. There will be a “S” button in status bar. Click/tap it to find new styles and these for FB in new tab. You can see preview of any theme by just tapping on it. Choose the one you like
  • iii) if you selected the one you like most then click/tap “Install with Stylish” button. A dialogue box will open. Press Install and you’re done. Just reload your FB page and enjoy.

Method for Chrome

  • i) There is an extension in Chrome web store with name Stylish for Chrome. Install it from this direct link.
  • ii) Open your FB profile and press this extension’s icon at top right of chrome. Then press “Find styles for this site”. It will open new tab with stylish FB styles and colors.
  • iii) You can see preview of any theme by just pressing on it. If really like, then tap “install with stylish” and it will be installed.
  • iv) Reload your FB tab and enjoy new themes and cool colors in your FB.

From now on these settings are saved for your FB in these browsers.

Changes and Advancements in Layout of your FB Page

You can also change the layout of your personal page with new and cool appearance. Actually there are many things that you change in your page to put a better impression on your followers. Let’s see what you can do with your page in FB.

  • i) Increase Size of Photos

In older layout of images, FB shows 403 pixels wide image in two column layout. Now images can be shown to 504 pixels wider. It will show 504×504 pixel square image on tapping for full size. Approx. 25% increase in display. Don’t miss to use this to have a better impression of your posts.

  • ii) Tab Apps menu

You have seen the options of “Timeline”, “About”, “photos” right beneath your cover pic. What if you are allowed to manually alter these settings to display your Apps in there? That must be cool. So considering this wish of page owners, FB now allowing to customize these tabs. Noe you can place links to your Apps in these places. Enjoy!

  • iii) Movable Left Menu Icons

Items that you see at the left side of page have a predefined appearance settings. But now FB even allows to manually alter these settings and move items left side according to your own choice. i.e. maybe there is something that is hidden beneath many unnecessary things. And you just want these unnecessary items to remove or move them to some other position. Before you did not have this choice but now FB favoring you with letting you do what you like with left side menu.

  • iv) Use FB as your page

Many of us want to use FB as one of the page we manage. Considering this demand, FB now allowing users to navigate as your page. The option of switching between profile and page is available right next to “Quick help” button, in drop down menu.

Moveable Left Menu Icons

  • v) Website Link

You are also given with option to add your website’s link to your page for better advertisement. It helps you followers to get in touch with your latest updates on your website along with improving traffic to your site.

Website Link

  • vi) Reviews to your page

Now it’s even more easier to find reviews about your page, for both owner and followers. For example if I’m looking for some nice pages about online shopping then I can get an idea how trustable and original this page is. By just looking into public review about that page. It’s in favor of both user and page owner.

  • vii) Posts form followers are more visible

Before if someone post at your page’s timeline it did not come up into new feeds. Now such posts are more visible in a parallel tab at right side. Easier way to find what is useful.

  • viii) Easily manageable statistics

Now you can easily monitor your page’s progress and analyze statistics such as “Likes” and “Post reaches” etc. You can also take snapshot by just hovering on it.

So these were just eight major changes that I’ve discussed above. There are many minor changes that you may have noticed in recent advancement in FB page layouts. Stay updated, get to know with gradual FB changes and make them useful for you and your followers. Enjoy!

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