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Facebook Ads Manager | A Complete Guide

Facebook Ads Manager actually used to create, analyze and manage FB ads from marketers. It became so popular among marketers with the continuously increasing reputation of Facebook since past years.

Today its no wonder when we listen that more than 1.18 billion people daily spent their almost 1 hour on Facebook, messenger and Instagram. This big platform caught the attention of marketers. Facebook also support and encourage marketers to use FB for promoting their products.


Facebook continuously improving itself with new innovations and latest features with aim to provide its users best out of it. We have a recent example of successful innovation of Going live on Facebook.

Facebook also allows users to customize FB appearance according to their choices. I’ve written a separate blog which thoroughly discusses the methods and tricks to change FB appearance with different colors and graphics. In the same way as other features, Facebook always keep its ads manager up to date with most recent marketing facilities. Let’s understand Facebook ads in a bit detail.

What are Facebook Ads?

It consists of three levels which are campaign, Ad set and Ads. These are different but related to each other.

  • Campaign: It’s the first level where you’ve to mention your objective behind initiating an ad. For example, if you’re interested in promoting your Facebook page or you want to make people familiar with your website.
  • Ad Set: Here you’ll do see details of ad budget, people you want to target and other scheduling details related to your ads. For example, you’ve created a page and you want to promote it in a people belonging to a specific region, let’s say US. You’re given with the option to promote your page only among the US users. You can also set an age limit likewise.
  • Ads: It’s the final level where you’ll set the specific text and image in your ad. A charming look of your ad is the primary factor in promotion. Choose it wisely.

Basic Intro of Facebook Ads Manager

FB ads manager is located in drop down menu in the upper right corner (in the same list where Logout button is present). Click on Advertising on Facebook button. It’ll take you to ad accounts page. As an alternative method, you can simply browse to https://www.facebook.com/ads/manager to go to ad accounts page.

If you’re running an account it will show its details here. Nice thing with FB ads is you can examine every single detail related to your ads. Let’s move to the process of creating a FB ad.

How to Create a Facebook Ads?

You often see the Green Create ad button at the top side of FB ad manager. This is where you’ll start from if you’re interested in creating a FB ad.  After clicking this button, you’ll have 15 different choice about which you can make an Ad.

For example, if you’re interested in promoting your page, promoting your post, gaining installs for your app etc. Choose what you want to promote.

How to Edit a FB Ads?

There can be more than one reasons you want to edit your FB Ad for. For example, you find a new image or text that would have a better impact, so you want to change your Ad’s text or image with this.

If you typed something wrong in Ad and you notice it after publishing. Or if your Ad is performing well so you might want to increase its budget.

Editing your Ad is very simple. All you need to do is to hover over Ad name and click on edit button. Facebook allows you to edit many campaign Ad sets and Ads any time after publishing. Following is the list of what you can edit in your FB Ad.

  • Ad name
  • Ad placement
  • Targeted Audience
  • Optimization and delivery
  • Switching Ad ON or OFF
  • Text in Ad
  • Image of Ad
  • Spending limit

Ads Reporting and Statistics

Facebook also allows you to see your Ads’ progress and other details through ad manager and stats filters. Other specific details are also visible, such as if you’re running your ad for your app’s installs. You might want to know how much install you’ve got through which Ad.

In this way, you can sort out which one of your ads performing well and which one is not. You can increase the budget of those which are gaining much attention of audience.

The most efficient and fast way to filter through and search specific ads is using Search, Filters, Date range and Ad tier. You can also locate your ad by using Ad name or Ad ID.

Recent Changes in Facebook Ad Manager

You may want to know about the certain changes that Facebook has recently made in Ad manager. Following is the list of these changes with brief intro.

  • The navigation mode of ads was previously at the left side of the page. Now it’s moved to the top of the page. Though, this is not something you need to worry about but just to let you know.
  • Saved report are also shifted to another position. Now you can locate them under the top menu.
  • More detailed statistics related to your ad are available under campaign, ad sets and ads. Appearance of campaign, ad sets and ads is also changed significantly.
  • Now you can change your ad accounts from the main navigation at the top of your page. More enhanced details.
  • A unique change is the image library present in tools section.
  • Tools menu now also contains a brief overview and short intro related to the audience, conversions and insights.
  • More enhanced information with graphical representation is now available in campaigns.
  • Slight changes are also made in filters and search present at the upper right side of page.

I hope you’d have found this guide helpful. Please share and like this to little appreciation.

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