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Do I Need SSL Certificate for My Website?

If someone has a website, no matter it is small or large he/she must have knowledge about the security of this website so that he/she can keep save his website from others.

How I can recognize that the website is secured or not?

If you want to see that your web is secured or not, then see on the left side of search bar if the padlock is green and the URL of website start with HTTPS instead of HTTP then it is confirmed that your website is secured. The‘s’ means secured that tell you that any information that has transferred between web and customer is encrypted. It assures you that you have a certificate and website is under the supervision of that company of which you have got the certificate. So you need SSL certificate to make your website encrypt.

If you are giving some personal information to any website, you can also see that the website to which you are giving your personal data is saved or not. It is noticeable that URL’s of some websites start from http and some starts with https. This “s” indicates that this website has SSL certificate and its data is encrypted. So by recognizing this difference one can avoid from the fraud and can determine whether he or she is working with secure website or with a fraud one.

What is the meaning of SSL certificate?

First of all it is important to know about the meaning of SSL certificate. SSL stands for “secure socket layer”. Basically, SSL certificate is used to secure the user’s personal data like home addresses, phone numbers, passwords and credit card transactions.

Which type of people use the SSL certificate?

It is substantially used by the online business men who do their most of business on net by allowing online shopping, web developers, experts of IT world and many companies use this certificate for their website. Without this SSL certificate their own data and the data of their customer will definitely be carry off by someone that will be harmful for web server and customer.

Types of SSL certificate

There are three types of SSL certificate.

Standard Domain validation certificates (DV).

It is used for personal websites and blogs. Its validation level is lowest than others two. It costs less to keep this certificate maintain. It is easy to handle.

Organization validation certificate (OV).

This certificate is extensively used by the organizations and for business purposes because it is considered as more secured certificate than DV for personal type information and keeps the data encrypted. Its validation level is medium.

Extended validation certificate (EV).

It is used for ecommerce. Its validation level is highest. It is most secured type of certificate. The process of identity verification is more austere than DV and OV and this verification method make sure to the visitor that this website is more secure than others.

Why SSL is important for a website?

Now a day, millions of people are using internet and doing multiple work or business on it. Many of them do online shopping since our website demands the personal information like their email, passwords, address, phone numbers, their credit card numbers and many more. People get afraid at once for the first time but when they saw that website is secured they give their personal data easily.

If u are running an organization and any type of business and having a website related to your business then you also need a SSL certificate to secure your data. Because there must be your rival party who definitely try to hack your data.

SSL certificate is very important for encrypt the data that is come from the visitor. Because sometimes there is a risk with server’s data that could be hack. So, to make it secure there is a need of SSL certificate.

When the SSL certificate is download on a computer it initiate the padlock and https protocol and the connection between web server and browser become secured.

In the first step of making your website secured is purchasing and downloading the SSL certificate on your browser.  After installation of this certificate, update it to your browser by a process. The URL will convert from HTTP to HTTPS. In last Google will help you more in updating this certificate. Now your website has a SSL certificate and your website has protected.


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