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How to Disable Existing, Unknown Password from AppleTalk on Mac OS 78

Many Apple users ask about the way to disable existing & unknown Password from AppleTalk on Mac OS 7 or 8. at times users set temporary password for AppleTalk but later they forget it and don’t know how to access them.

AppleTalk on Mac OS 78

This becomes more annoying when AppleTalk requires older password in order set a new password. It also happens when someone buy a used iMac. New buyer need to change Admin password to download updates from different applications and software such as safari and iTunes etc.

Well, there are some certain ways to get rid of this as mentioned below. Follow which suits you the best.

Method 1: Without an Installed Disc

  • Reboot your device and press Apple key and S key simultaneously.
  • Now wait for terminal showing.
  • Release these pressed keys after showing up terminal.
  • Now type /sbin/mount –uaw in the typing space.
  • Press enter button
  • Now type rm /var/db/.applesetupdone
  • Again, hit enter button
  • Now type reboot
  • Hit enter button again.

Following these steps will take you to create new Admin account upon rebooting your device.

Method 2: New Admin Account

If you’ve forgotten the existing Admin account’s password this following method will let you switch to new Admin account. Sometimes Admin login ID also required to install Java and Adobe flash player on Mac.

  • Reboot your device
  • Press and hold Apple key and S key simultaneously.
  • Now you’re in text prompt. Enter these following codes one by one.
  1. i) mount -uw /
  2. ii) rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone

            iii)   shutdown -h now

  • Now simply reboot your device and you’ll be having a fresh Admin account. Use it where you need to login using Admin account and replace the existing one with this.

Method 3: via File Sharing Control Panel

For using this method, you must have the local access to the computer where password was set. If so then you don’t need current password in order to set a new password for AppleTalk. Just follow these following simple steps and get your job done.

  • Go to Apple Menu
  • Go to control panels
  • Open File Sharing control panel.

Following dialogue box should open:

File Sharing control panel

Look in the image above there is an Owner Password space under the Owner Name. Click/tap on this box and clear it if it’s showing an existing password. Clearing it will remove existing password and then you can enter any new password of your choice. As you can see, it does not require entering any existing password in order to make a password change.

Method 4: Snow Leopard 10.6 Password Reset

This method is solely for Snow Leopard 10.6. Follow these steps!

  • Reboot your system. Press and hold command (Apple key) and S key simultaneously. This will take you to single user mode.
  • Now if it requires you to enter a password on this time then its firmware password then you must have to enter for proceeding further.
  • When you’re in, type fsck –fy and hit enter button.
  • Now, in order to mount your drive, type mount -uw /.
  • Now type ls /Users. This command will show the list of all of the users’ profile present in this system.
  • In the next step, type passwd username. Username is the exact name appeared in the list in previous step.
  • Now it will take you to password changing field where you would be asked to enter the new password twice. And you’re all set. Just reboot your device and enjoy.

That’s all guys. Don’t forget to give your feedback how you feel this article on How to disable existing, unknown password from AppleTalk on Mac OS 78.


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