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How to Remotely Access & Control Android from PC

Don’t be shocked when someone tell you that you can actually access and control your Android mobile from PC even when both are not at same network. You can even send and receive text message on your PC’s desktop.


All you’ll have to do is to open a window, type message and send. Not SMS, you can fully control and perform all functions of your android phone on that window. Isn’t that smart? You don’t have to do any kind of networking or manually changing WiFi settings and then sharing Android phone’s contents to Personal Computer.

Just install an app which I’m going to discuss about, and get your job done. Android apps developer “Koushik Datta” has brought something really nice for you in this regard. He has developed Vysor app for chrome that functions perfectly using Google Chrome web browser.

Steps to Control Android from PC

Though it is limited to chrome when it comes to web browser, but you can use it on any desktop OS like Windows, Linux, Mac etc. Ok, let’s come to the process which I’ve divided into steps for your ease.

Step 1: ADB Enabling on Windows

Windows users need to install ADB drivers on their PC. Click/tap Install ADB drivers to windows. Once you click, the required file will immediately start downloading. Once it finishes downloading, go to Downloads folder of your PC and locate the file.

Open it and start installation. Well, this ADB driver installation is just for windows OS. Mac users don’t have to install any such thing. Ok, let’s come to its installation process. Something like following will appear upon clicking its setup file.

ADB Enabling on Windows

Click on Next button to proceed with installation. It may ask your permissions about some other things during installation process. Just make your choice and get it done. That won’t be a problem though, as all of you quite familiar with software installation process. Done with PC now it’s time to enable USB debugging on your smartphone.

Step 2: USB Debugging on Your Smartphone

You must be very familiar with transferring data between your Android phone and PC via USB cable. Do the same. Pick up your USB cable and connect it to your Android phone and PC. Then go to the Developer options, located in the Settings option of Android. If there is no such thing like developer mode option then you’ve to enable it. After that

Enable USB Debugging on Your Android

Next, you’ll have to enable ADB on your Android device, then make sure that it’s set to always allow connections from your computer. So connect your phone or tablet to your computer with a USB data cable, then open the Settings menu on your Android device. After that, enable USB debugging option.

Enable USB Debugging

Hit OK when it asks for your permission, as shown below.

all usb debugging

Once you enabled USB debugging, it will also ask if you want to enable ADB connection from this device. Grant this permission. I recommend to choose Always allow from this computer option. This will automatically enable ADB connection from now on.

Step 3: Install Vysor for Google Chrome

Now its time to install Vysor app from Google chrome. Click/Tap Vysor from Google chrome browser and Install app by clicking on Add to chrome option. Once it finishs installation, go to the Chrome App Launcher link (usually present in your bookmarks) and click/tap on Vysor app. A shown in image below.

Install Vysor

Step 4: Connecting Vysor to your Android Phone

You’re about to get control of your Android phone from your PC. Open Vysor, go to main menu and Click/tap on Find Devices button. As shown below!

Connecting Vysor

It will open up a list of devices, locate yours and then click/tap Select button. Wait a few seconds and your Android phone’s screen will start appearing on your PC. If it does not show mirrored screen of your Android even after few minutes then:

  • Make sure you do not have any issue with USB connectivity
  • Troubleshoot USB connectivity
  • Restart the process of connectivity

I hope it’ll work!

Step 5: Control your Smartphone via Your PC

You will see your android device’s display on PC, in a separate window. You can resize this window to any length or width that suits you best. It also supports Landscape display.

You can use mouse and keyboard and if your laptop is touch screen then you can tap on this Windows and can fully operate it same as you were operating on smartphone. Enjoy!

There are some specific keyboard shortcuts that works for this, such as:

  • ESC key = Performs the back button function
  • F1 key = Access’s the main menu of Android
  • Home key = To get back to home screen menu on Android

These shortcut keys may or may not operate in same order for Mac, I don’t know about that.

Step 6: Sharing Control with Other Users

The thing I like the most in Vysor app is you can actually share the display and control of your Android device to any other person sitting anywhere. Once you open Vysor, set a connection to your Android phone following the above method.

Once the connection is setup, click/tap on the Share button in main menu. Upon clicking this button, Vysor will prompt you with a message that the sharing link is copied to your clipboard. Now Paste and send this link to anyone you want to share the control of your device with vie Email of any other chat app.

That person will receive the link and if he already had Vysor installed then your Android display screen will instantly start displaying on his PC. If he does not have Vysor app then he’ll get redirected to the install link to Vysor. Then he could control your device after installing Vysor.

However, the sharing feature requires Pro Version of Vysor. Install it choosing best pricing plan and share the display and control of your android device with your friends.

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