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How do I Clear Cache on Windows 10 – Simple Guide

I’ve been facing slower Windows 10 issue since long. Someone told me to clear the cache on Microsoft Windows 10 for Desktop. Finally after a bit struggle, I’ve managed to find out 5 ways to clear Cache on Windows 10 OS.

How to clear cache in windows 10

So, I’ve also decide to share these 5 simple and easiest ways with you, so that everyone could be able to enjoy fast and smooth running Windows 10. By the way you can also read 3 simple ways to boost up the speed of your Windows 10 for a rare experience, believe me you’d really gonna love it. Let’s get start with understanding the types of cache.

Type of Cache in Windows 10

More than enough Cache stored on Windows 10 retards your PC from working with its efficiency. The PC get slower, and start showing multiple issues in Windows Apps like slower, hangs time and again, starts in a longer period of time, the browser shows web pages opened in the last session and even more.

This is the time for you to clear all types of Cache stored in your Operating System. The main types you should focus are five, namely:

  1. Desktop Apps Cache
  2. Windows 10 Store Cache
  3. Location History
  4. File Explorer History
  5. Internet Explorer Cache

How to Clear Cache on Windows 10 OS

Now, let us discuss these storage one by one and learn how to clear them from Windows 10.

#1 Remove Windows 10 Desktop App Cache through Disk Cleanup

When you are up to Clear Cache on Windows 10, removing Windows 10 Desktop Apps Cache should be one of the first job to do. Let us see how to clear Desktop Apps Cache on Windows 10 step by step through Disk Cleanup.

Step 1: Type “cleanmgr in the Cortana search box below the Start Menu

Type cleanmgr in the Cortana

Step 2: Select drive one by one

Select drive one by one

Step 3: Press OK and wait for the scanning the files

Press OK and wait for the scanning the files

wait for the scanning the files

Step 4: Check all the Unchecked Boxes given

Check all the Unchecked Boxes given

Step 5: Press “Clean up System” Files button

Press Clean up System

Step 5: Finally, and Press OK for Disk Cleanup

Press OK for Disk Cleanup


#2 Cleanup Windows 10 Store Cache

Removing Windows Store cache time to time is also one of the good strategy to many of the problem you face in Windows 10 when you’re online. So, let us learn how to clear Windows 10 Store Cache with simple steps.

Step 1: Open a Dialog Box – Press Window Key with R on your keyboard or Right Click on Start Menu and Select RUN

Right Click on Start Menu and Select RUN

Open a Dialog Box

Step 2: Type “WSReset.exe” and Press Enter, or Click/Tap on OK.

Type "WSReset.exe" and Press Enter

Step 3: The following Command Prompt box (cmd.exe) will appear. Don’t worry, you do not need to do anything more. Just wait the system will automatically remove the cache from Windows 10 Store and box will be disappeared.

Windows 10 Store and box


#3 Remove Location History in Windows 10

Deleting location history in Windows 10, or in other words, clearing location cache data from Windows 10 is simplest of the tasks. Please follow the following steps to remove location history from your Windows 10.

Step 1: Go to Start Menu and Click on “Settings” button

Windows Settings

Step 2: From the Settings window, choose Privacy tap


Step 3: Go to Location tab in the left sidebar, and press Clear button under Location History.

Location History


#4 Clean up File Explorer History

Files and folders that you’ve searched or opened are saved as history. You can clean up that history too. Removing File Explorer history is not an uphill task. Let is discover it below.

Step 1: Open your File Explorer via File Explorer icon on the taskbar

Open your File Explorer

Step 2: Click View menu at the top

Click View menu at the top

Step 3: Now click Options icon given on the extreme right on the ribbon

click Options icon

Step 4: A Folder Options wizard opens up. Press the “Clear” button and OK

Press the Clear button and OK


#5 Clear Internet Explorer Cache

Step 1: Open Internet Explorer – Go to Cortana Search box and type “Internet Explorer“, and click on Internet Explorer iconOpen Internet Explorer

Step 2: The browser is open now. Press the gear “Tool” button and select Internet options from the drop down menu

select Internet options

Step 3: Now Press the Delete button that appears in the new section

Press the Delete button

Step 3: Another box will pop-up on your screen with checkboxes. Select all the boxes Press Delete button.

That’s all guys. I hope doing all above mentioned tasks you’ll find your Windows 10 flying like a Super Man speed. Still, for more effective results, you can also Clear the Cache and Browsing History of your all other web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari etc. You can also consult with my complete guide on How to Speed Up Windows 10.

Waiting for your precious feedback in the following comment box. Hope the best. Have a nice day!

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