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How to deal with Chrome page Unresponsive? Here’s the Solution

Sometimes while surfing with chrome browser we often get a notification of “Page unresponsive” or “Chrome page unresponsive”. That’s pretty annoying specially when type a specific URL and this appear.  Usually you’re given with two options: 1. wait 2. Kill page. Here in this article we’ll how to handle this Chrome page unresponsive problem.

Chrome page Unresponsive

Solution of Chrome Page Unresponsive

There can three reason of this problem

  • Opening too many tabs
  • Creation of too many pop ups by a website
  • Installing too many plugins in Chrome

Page unresponsive happen when any of the plugin or tab have trouble in loading its scripts. Let me clear you one that there is no specific solution of this problem because it differs from device to device and user to user. Some experts suggest to “wait” until page start behaving normally. Some others suggest to clear out the your browsing history, cache and cookies.

Clearly browsing history could be perfect solution for some users because sometime this chrome page unresponsive problem occurs only because your browser feels trouble in differentiating different web pages you visit regularly. So by clearing history, cache and cookies you are actually going to give a new and fresh start to your browser in surfing.

My Suggestions

I want to recommend you some solutions regarding this chrome page unresponsive problem that generally work for all.

  • Clear your browsing history, cache and cookies. But don’t forget to bookmark pages and sites that you often visit. Clear Browsing history, Cache and Cookies Now
  • Open chrome browser. Go to Option> Settings> Extension. Now see if you have unnecessary extensions installed. Disable all useless extensions and restart your browser.
  • Don’t open too many tabs.
  • I recommend you to set Google.com as your homepage and search engine. Many other third party search engines try to mess with your chrome settings, they can be vulnerable to personal data security as well.

I hope it is helpful for you! 🙂

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